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5 tips to improve your online sales for B2B companies

Due of Covid, sales reps couldn't attend in-person events or have meetings with their clients. Everything changed to digital. Before the pandemic, online sales was a nice-to-have, but it's transformed to one of the most important channels in the market.

Know the company before you reach out

As a sales rep you should know the company before you reach out to them. It's a basic thing, but a must do for everyone. Do you research and understand everything about your prospect prior to your first outreach. Try to pay attention on challenges and potential pain points that they could have so that you can position your products and/or services as a solution. 


Become a product expert

You need to know your product inside and out. Be able to give a demo, adapt your demo to the use case of your prospect. This will lead to significant credibility which will help you close deals more effectively. And not to forget, your reputation will become better and better. 


Sell solutions

Listen to the challenges, points off friction your prospects have. Make sure you understand those needs and that you're one that is able to solve their problems by explaining how your product and/or service will fulfill their needs. 

Talking only about products are way too abstract. Tell them how you can solve their current challenges. 


Share customer success stories or case studies

When you're talking/messaging/e-mailing your prospect in the beginning phase, you can always drop them a customer success story. It's even better if that customer success story is adapted to the same industry, challenges or solution. 

People tend to believe great things that come from other people - your customers. 


Use videos 

"Video selling was on an increase of 7% in 2019 and jumped to a raise of 40% in 2020"

Videos are more likely to be used by sales reps. Why? It gives a personal touch, attracts attention, helps bringing over the right message because they can see your body language. You can also share your screen which makes it easier for your prospect to better understand your explanation. 

Are you moving to remote selling? We have gathered all our tips in a pdf. 

Download our remote selling tips




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