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HubSpot is a tool well suited to be used by Belgian companies

Hubspot is a CRM combined with Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS and automation tools. Using it will help you manage your belgian business. How? By providing you with the tools to support the work of your teams. As HubSpot is an international tool, there are some benefits for belgian companies to use it.

The main benefit of using HubSpot is that it is a complete tool, and its elements are working well together. It is an overal benefit. In Belgium, however, the organisation of the country requires that specific elements work within a tool.

the City of antwerp

HubSpot has a CMS with multilingual tools

In order to target the country as a whole, companies might need to have their website in French and Dutch. And this is possible with HubSpot CMS.

UI in French and Dutch

In order to use a tool on an everyday basis, it is important that the users have a good experience with it and are able to navigate easily the different features. Therefore, having a UI in their own language is important. And HubSpot's UI is indeed available in French and, since recently, in Dutch as well! This removes obstacles to the use of the tool.


Organized around the world, free events specifically created for HubSpot users are hosted quarterly. Every three months, you get to meet with other users of Hubspot of your area, discuss, share experiences and learn about the best practices to use HubSpot. This is important, because it will give you a local view on how to use the tool and opportunities to network.


Another way to use HubSpot and making sure that you have the best practices for a Belgian company is to request the help of a Belgian partner. HubSpot partners are agencies that are used to work with HubSpot, know all of the best practices and how to put them in place. They also have the benefit of being specialized in some areas and to offer you a close follow-up and counsel, adapted to your situation and context.

Are you curious about which HubSpot services we provide? Have a look at our free one-pager!

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