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Did you miss our Telesales Webinar? Watch it here!


On April 4th,  we had a live webinar on telesales where we introduced our integrated SAP C/4HANA Telesales application solution. This was the first episode of a series of webinar intended for FMCG and Retail industries. 

During this webinar, we covered how you can :

  • Dynamically generate Call Lists for your team
  • Improve customer centricity by providing a complete 360° customer view during order taking
  • Handle customer orders on a single screen, optimized for speed and integrated with SAP ERP
  • Ensure Telesales takes up a more commercial role without neglecting their role in the logistics process
  • Improve operational efficiency of the Telesales department for planning and rescheduling calls
  • Push promotions to the market 

If you missed the webinar, you can still watch it by clicking the button below:

Watch the webinar


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