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Market to your installed base with this new HubSpot plugin


If you’re selling complex products like industrial equipment, machinery, software or other complex components, then you’re probably keeping track of your installed base in your ERP system or in another environment. Although these represent valuable data, sales and marketing people find it difficult to make use of it in their day to day life. patricio-davalos-1201994-unsplash

With Elixir's Asset Management plugin, you will bring visibility to your installed base data and generate opportunities to connect with customers, tap service revenues, as well as improve loyalty.

Read more below to know how you can market to your installed base with a plug-and-play HubSpot app!


Industry 4.0:  more than a buzzword

Industry 4.0 is a significant revolution in the industrial sector and involves the combination of traditional manufacturing practices with technological advancements like automation, enhanced data exchange and robotics. This provides new insight on your customers based on AI calculations, machine learning algorithms...

On a sales perspective, this onsite asset management entails information about warranties, CRM and service contract details.
Using this wealth of data in HubSpot, you can
 create endless possibilities to engage with your existing customer base. For example, with sensors that help to detect abnormalities,  you could offer services to your client such as  predictive maintenance and quality control. Or, knowing which machines that you sold are running out of warranty, you can proactively anticipate your customers need. 


Bring visibility to your installed base with Elixir Solutions' Asset Management HubSpot add-on

With Elixir Solutions' new HubSpot add-on you’ll be able to easily connect your installed base to HubSpot. It will allow you to create, filter and search for contact lists, which will get you a better segmentation of your customers based on the products they buy.


Develop and support a service and aftermarket strategy

By only focusing on selling new products, many organisations fail to recognise the importance of their aftermarket activities in a strategic sense. With an accurate sales approach that suit the specific customer’s needs, you have higher chances to persuade the customer to sign up to a preventative maintenance agreement or spare parts contract.


A world of opportunities

You got it! An installed base is more than just a list of customers and sold equipment.
By breaking down your installed base you are defining who your customers are, what they have, how they use it and you set in motion the approach for how you want to engage these customers on a deeper level
So don't wait any longer to leverage this gold mine of information to increase your sales!


To learn more about the add-on, click on this button below: 

Discover Elixir Solutions' Asset Management add-on


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