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A guide to complex CRM migrations

A guide to complex CRM migrations

Are you considering of changing your CRM? Would you replace your CRM with HubSpot? Or do you need to migrate multiple HubSpot portals into one? You've come to the right place! 

Discover our top 5 best practices to prepare a complex migration project in this blog, or watch our webinar in replay to have even more insights ! 

Top 5 Best practices to successfully do a complex migration project 

#1 Plan ahead

The first thing to do is to define the goals of the migration. What do you want to achieve? Does everything have to be migrated and how? On this basis, you can define further the scope of the project.

#2 Calculate the volume of elements to migrate

List all the elements that need to be migrated, whether it is only data (contacts, companies, properties, deals...), or other marketing assets like landing pages, forms, emails and automation elements. This will give you a better overview of the project.

#3 Define well the ressources of the project

Can you allocate human ressources within the company to the project? Does the team have the time and the knowledge necessary? Or do you need external help?

We strongly advise that you work with a partner that has the knowledge and the resources to at least as a support. They can also take over the project for you.

#4 Determine if you can use the support of a software

There are migration softwares out there that can help you migrate data from one CRM to another. When researching those, you should wonder what the tool can do for you, if they can migrate part or all of the data. 

#5 Set up a roadmap

What is a roadmap that you can work with? Do you have the time, budget and human resources to do it? What are the risks of the project?

Watch the webinar in replay

Do you want more information about this kind of projects? Watch the replay of our webinar:


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