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11 tips to make a successful CRM change management

Change management is a key factor of success in the process of implementation of a new CRM. Indeed, if, in the end, your team doesn't use your CRM, then the entire project is useless. We've seen in all of our CRM projects that the challenge is really to manage the change for the teams and to bring them to use the tool.

That's why we are giving you 11 tips to manage the transformation the best for your teams.

Conceptual image of businessteam working cohesively. Interaction and unity required in CRM change management

1. Include the team in the project

From the beginning, it is important to be transparent about why and how the CRM implementation project will take place. Keep your teams involved, so that they know what's happening. This is important, because it will provide the end users from being put overnight into a whole new way of working. 

2. Choose the solution according to your team's needs

Make sure that the solution chosen matches the needs of the team, not only of the business. It has to support the activities of your employees and to help them achieve their goals. If should also fill in gaps in your current situation, so make sure that it is knowledgable for your teams.

3. Help them understand the big picture

Show your teams how it will benefit the organization. It is important that your team understands what the CRM will bring as advantages and why.

4. What's in it for me

On the individual level, your employees need to be aware of what they will get from the use of this tool. Otherwise, they won't see the point in going along with it and it will be more difficult to make them use the tool.

5. Show how it will impact the processes

Make sure that you explain clearly what this CRM will change in terms of processes: does it change the way teams will collaborate, does it implies a change in the strategy and the methodology applied, etc. Every aspect of the project must be explained to the teams.

6. Make a plan with milestones

Create a plan of the project, with special milestones that mean something for your team. Set up some times where you come back on the project's evolution to keep your team onboard.

7. Find key influencers in the organization

Find the influencers in your organization that will help spread the news and the messages. They will be a pillar for you to engage the employees into the project.

8. Keep your team excited

A CRM implementation project can potentially happen on a few months. If you communicate only about it at the beginning and at the end, you risk that the excitement diminishes over time. Doing internal marketing, creating a specific branding for the project and communicate frequently about it can help you keep your team onboard.

9. Listen to the feedback of the teams

Include your team in the process and listen to their feedback, over time. This will help you answer all of their concern progressively and adapt the CRM to the particular needs. Including them in the testing phase is also important, because it includes actively the team members in the project. 

10. Training

Provide your team with the appropriate training on the tool. This is important to build familiarity and get your teams on the tool.

11. Put everything in place so that it is smoother for your team

If you have the occasion, make it easy for your teams to get onboard. If needed, ask for the help of professionals that will make the transition smooth and exciting for your team.


Wondering what the roadmap for a CRM implementation looks like? We've got you covered with this blog.




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