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HubSpot Integration and Harmonization Projects | Elixir Solutions

Elixir Solutions, expert in CRM and Inbound Marketing and HubSpot partner, is currently teaming up with Blue Business to ensure harmonization and integration of inbound marketing activities for FL Smidth, a multinational company headquartered in Denmark.  

The goal of this project is to harmonize and reduce the complexity of multiple online marketing solutions in place at FL Smidth.  Doing so, improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of their inbound marketing efforts will take place.  Elixir Solutions is responsible for the integration and technical setup, while Blue Business is accountable for the overall project management and the B2B communications part. In the first phase, focus is on:
  • Enabling of additional product families for inbound marketing
  • Migration of two HubSpot accounts into one
  • Migration towards a single CMS environment
  • Optimization of the conversion path FL Smidth online visitors have to go through
  • Preparation of the system for further expansion and improvements

 The project was kicked off in early 2016 and this first phase is expected to be finalized by July 2016.

Interested in a free assessment of your Inbound Marketing integration? Drop us an email on: carl.bouckaert@elixir-solutions.be


About FL Smidth

FL Smidth is a leading supplier of equipment and services to the global cement and minerals industries.  It employs close to 13 000 people worldwide in more than 50 countries and last year revenue amounted to 2,64 billion euro.




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