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Simac selects Elixir as their SAP C4C and HubSpot integration partner



Simac and Elixir Solutions have decided to expand their relationship, building further on the first successful collaboration early 2016 when the ElixirSync solution was successfully deployed as to integrate SAP C4C with HubSpot.  At that point in time, Elixir Solutions was selected, not only because it was the only company providing a HubSpot integration for SAP, but also because of the depth of the integration, allowing:

  • Synchronisation of C4C leads to HubSpot contacts
  • Synchronisation of C4C accounts and contacts to HubSpot, based on lead conversion in SAP C4C
  • Synchronisation of campaigns and campaign data on leads
  • Pipeline reporting and ROI calculation for campaigns
  • Display of HubSpot interaction data in the CRM system


Based on this first success, the relationship has been further expanded.  This new phase of collaboration will be with an initial focus on integrating Microsoft Sharepoint with SAP C4C. In a next step a number of changes will be implemented in the SAP C4C environment.  As part of this partnership, Elixir Solutions will also provide SAP C4C second line support services.


About Simac 
Simac is a purely Dutch family company, active in  Benelux and Central Europe. On the basis of high-quality technology, we provide medium and large organisations with products and services that are always aimed at improving business processes. Simac employs a total of 1250 people at branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Simac is made up of holding companies – the Simac companies – with a wide range of solutions, products and services in many different segments.


Read about how we helped Simac to achieve better Marketing ROI reporting:

Download Customer Case


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