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HubSpot API Integration Toolkit


We get many questions from our prospects and partners regarding the way we implement our ElixirSync integration solutions at our customers.


What does it take to integrate HubSpot with SAP C4C?  Or if I want to integrate HubSpot with a custom build application?   Or with Oracle CRM?


For answering those questions, we have put in place our HubSpot API Integration Toolkit.  It provides a crisp overview how we approach HubSpot integrations. In 5 minutes you will feel comfortable enough to explain this approach to your customers and/or colleagues.


Our toolkit contains:

  • An infographic that explains each step in the implementation process
  • An implementation project plan with timelines
  • A mapping file example 


Below you can already find the infographic.  It explains each step our our implementation process.



Want to see more?  You can download the full implementation toolkit here:

Get my HubSpot API Integration Toolkit!



For any other question, please contact Carl at carl.bouckaert@elixir-solutions.be




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