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How HubSpot Integrations help the tourism industry get more bookings.


ExperienceTravelGroup is a tour operator crafting trips in Asia for demanding travellers. With many adventures to tell and tailor-made experiences for each client, it was natural that they turned to HubSpot to share their stories and convert potential customers. To further link these inbound efforts to their sales processes, they reached  Elixir Solutions to integrate HubSpot with their tour operator software, Axum, and improve the overall customer experience. This HubSpot Integration has truly embraced their existing process and allowed them to personalize their interaction with each visitor and customer.  Let me tell you more about what can be achieved.

First, as with all HubSpot Integrations performed with ElixirSync, leads generated by HubSpot are fed into the back-end quotation system, and a sales consultant is assigned.

At the same time, a customer enquiry is created.  Once the lead is contacted and his dream holiday crafted, this enquiry is turned into a quotation and the information is sent back to HubSpot. This change can then be used by the marketing department.  Booking, quote information and status can then be leveraged by HubSpot to drive campaigns using HubSpot dealsFor example, after proposals are accepted by a lead and turn into bookings, these customers don’t receive automatic marketing mails. 

But the advantages don't stop there. In the travel industry, a continuous follow-up is essential.  Several outbound approaches, based on the buyer's journey,  were setup in HubSpot around key moments to provide an optimal customer experience: 

  • Practical arrangements are made a few weeks in advance;
  • Last tips are sent days before the departure;
  • A feedback is needed shortly after the trip;
  • And after several months, the agency starts enticing them for new destinations based on previous bookings and preferences. 

This HubSpot Integration allowed ETG to streamline their operations, and focus their energy on providing travel expertise. This is a fine example of a powerful HubSpot Integration, and it shows how intricate any sales processes can move flawlessly from one system to another. The specifics of any industry are considered.

Take a look at all the HubSpot integrations we offer:


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