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FAQ HubSpot New Pricing & impact existing Customers - Explained 2024

HubSpot, the leading CRM and marketing software provider, has recently rolled out a significant update to its pricing model. This update brings a range of new features aimed at providing users with enhanced flexibility and functionality. Let's dive into the details of these latest changes and how this change will look like for existing and new customers.

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1. What's changing with the HubSpot Pricing Model

2. HubSpot Seat Types - Explained

3. Overview Pricing New HubSpot Subscriptions

4. FAQ's

5. Benefits of the New Pricing Structure

6. Conclusion


What’s changing with the HubSpot pricing model?

Overview of the new pricing model introduces several key features:

  1. Core Seat: Introducing a new seat type, the Core Seat, which provides edit access to purchased Hubs and HubSpot’s Smart CRM.

  2. No Seat Minimums: Customers can now purchase Sales and Service Hubs without any seat minimums, allowing them to buy what they need, when they need it.

  3. Per-User Model: Implementing a per-user model with a single seat type for Starter, known as the Core Seat.

  4. Unlimited View-Only Seats: Paid portal users who don’t require edit access in HubSpot can now enjoy unlimited view-only seats.

  5. Free Tools: Limiting the number of edit users for Free Tools to a maximum of five.





1.View-only Seat 

View HubSpot features without edit access

> Best for business leaders


Image: HubSpot

2. Core Seat

Edit access to purchased Hubs and connection to Smart CRM

> Best for marketers, admins, developers, and operations.


Image: HubSpot

3. Sales & Service Hub Seat

Everything included in a Core Seat plus Sales and Service features

> Best for sales and service reps and enablement


Image: HubSpot

Frequently Asked Questions

If i'm a HubSpot Client, how does this new pricing model affect my current subscription account?

Existing customers will not be immediately impacted by this change. Your current subscription price will remain unaffected in the short-term.

Will My HubSpot subscription be migrated to the new model, and if so, when?

Existing customers will be migrated to the new pricing model in phases, starting later this year and likely extending into 2025. Your migration date will be communicated in advance, with assistance provided by your Customer Success Manager.

What will my price be at the time of migration?

Your price will remain the same during migration. However, you may see a slight increase in your auto-renewal price post-migration, not exceeding 5%.

Can existing customers move to the new pricing model?

At present, the new pricing model is only available to new customers. Existing customers will have the option to migrate as part of the phased approach.

When I’m migrated, will there be any downtime for my HubSpot access?

The migration process is seamless, ensuring no disruptions to your HubSpot access, data loss, or changes to product access. Your Customer Success Manager will provide specific details once your migration date is confirmed.

Where can I view my pricing model?

The public pricing page has been updated to showcase the new seats-based pricing model. You can easily view your current pricing in two ways:

1. Navigate to the pricing page while logged into your account, or

2. In your HubSpot account, click on the account name on the top right menu and select pricing and features


Overview of hubspot new pricing subscriptions


Image: HubSpot


Benefits of this new pricing structure

1. Start for Free & Scale: Begin your journey with HubSpot for free and scale your subscription as your business grows.

2. Flexible Pay as You Grow: Enjoy the flexibility of paying for what you need, when you need it, aligning value with price. 

3. Enhanced Functionality: Access a range of features tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a more efficient CRM experience.



HubSpot's new pricing model represents a significant step forward in meeting the diverse needs of its user base. With its focus on scalability, flexibility, and connectivity, users can expect a more tailored and efficient CRM experience. While existing customers will undergo a phased migration, the ultimate goal is to enhance user satisfaction and drive business growth.

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