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Things to love about Hub CMS or how it will win the heart of your team

In April 2020, HubSpot released the CMS Hub, with some new features and different plans. The occasion for us to tell you what we love about the CMS (new and old features included) and what are the biggest interesting features for you.

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For Belgian companies

In Belgium, we have the particularity of having multiple languages spoken in a small territory. This leads many companies to having their website in multiple languages. As we have already covered the topic in a previous article, I wanted to come back on one particular feature.

In the enterprise plan of the CMS Hub, you have now the possibility to link two root domains. This means that you can have your language variations on two distinct domains, instead of a subdomain or a subdirectory. A company selling umbrellas could have its website on "www.paraplutje.be" for the Dutch version, and for the French audience, put the website on "www.parapluie.be". Available as add-on as well, you can add other root domains, enabling to cover other languages as well.

For marketers

HubSpot CMS is made to be easy-to-use and serve marketers. Thus the entire tool is very cool for marketers. One feature in particular is really cool. It is the SEO optimisation tool. There is a tool directly installed that gives you recommendations on what you write. And it is built-in and linked to the SEO strategy tool. What's really awesome is that you don't have to know SEO, to be an expert to use it and to apply the best practices. Definitely a reason for marketers to like HubSpot CMS.

For the technical SEO expert

For the technical SEO expert, one feature will be pretty exciting. Indeed, when Google says that the architecture of your blog doesn't matter, many businesses have noticed that the architecture of a website has an impact. Not in all cases, but it is best to organize your website in a way that matches the message of your website.

In particular, a long debate has ran around the blog : should you put in on a subdomain (blog.parapluie.be) or a subdirectory (www.parapluie.be/blog)? The logic that stands behind is that if your blog contains topics related to your main website, treating questions in deep, or, in other words, supporting content, it is best to put it as a part of your website, on a subdirectory. If your blog treats of a very specific topic, or if it is completely different of your website, then it makes more sense to put it on a subdomain. If you don't, it is not set in stone that it will hurt your SEO, but it might have some consequences.

That's why HubSpot CMS now offers the possibility to put your blog on a subdirectory. Because a blog often hosts supporting content related to your website. It wasn't possible before, and it is now available in CMS Enterprise.

For IT

Security aspects are taken into account by HubSpot. The website hosted on HubSpot CMS isn't likely to be hacked. There isn't any update to be done by your team. So it frees your IT team from checking that.

For the visitor

For the visitor on your website, a big plus point is the personalization. Indeed, with HubSpot CMS, you can use the information that you have on the visitor to personalize its experience. It can be through the localization and language of the visitor, but also many other elements, like the persona. Depending on your persona, you can define the smart content that will show up on the page. This can help your visitor see the information relevant from its own perspective.

For the HubSpot user

If you're already using HubSpot, the CRM and even more with the marketing tools, then having your website on the CMS would be a big plus. Indeed, it will enable you to have everything on the same platform. In terms of user-friendliness for your marketer, it will make its life easier. In terms of analytics, it will be more accurate. The different tools will work better together, and your pages will be available in the tools like the SEO tool, in the social media tool...

Features for everyone

As you can see here, there are features of the HubSpot CMS that can please every profile. 

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