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[Short story] Elixir x Capture one


Capture One in short :

Industry: Technology & Software

Type of project: Sales & Integration Hubspot to Microsoft Business Central

Size of the organisation: 51 - 200 employees

Head quarters : Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Website: www.captureone.com


ELixir x CaPture one

What were the issues faced by the customer, starting the project? 

  • Wasting time by performing manual tasks;

  • No good overview on the sales pipeline;

  • Lack of data for forecasting and statistics.


How did we solve it?

  • Providing the sales team with a great CRM to keep track of prospects, customers and opportunities;
  • Advising on adding automation in the sales process;
  • Integrating HubSpot with the existing MS Business Central environment (customers, contacts, and invoices) to:
    • Avoid having to enter data twice;
    • Eliminate bottlenecks in the end-to-end sales process;
    • Centralize data in one place.


What was the result?

  • Better follow-up of leads and opportunities;
  • Increased efficiency in the sales process;
  • More informed, data-driven decision making.


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