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HubSpot/Sap Integrations with Bosch Rexroth | Elixir Solutions

Bosch Rexroth is an international German engineering company and part of the division Industrial Technology of Robert Bosch GmbH. Bosch Rexroth is a leader in drive and control technologies and provides solutions that are energetically efficient. They also support mechanical and plant engineering challenges around the world with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. With more than 32 000 employees worldwide, they work on safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful solutions. Their machinery and pieces can be found in sectors such as cement industry, energy technology, civil engineering, chemical industry, …


The challenges

The commercial departments are using different systems and processes without any connection or collaboration

In 2020, HubSpot was established as the overall marketing automation platform at Bosch Rexroth. The sales team on the other hand was still using SAP as their sales platform. To guarantee a successful lead management process and ensure a better collaboration between marketing and sales, the need for a connection between HubSpot and SAP C4C appeared at Bosch Rexroth.

Need for an experienced partner in HubSpot, SAP and aligning commercial departments

During this period, Bosch Rexroth was looking for a partner that had experience in HubSpot, SAP and aligning the commercial departments (marketing, sales and service) on the business and technical side. Without an integration between HubSpot and SAP, the commercial departments experienced difficulties in aligning their common daily work:

  •  Marketing was generating new leads in HubSpot, but couldn’t automatically send the marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to SAP C4C
  • Marketing doesn’t receive any feedback from the sales teams about the marketing qualified leads they have generated 
  • Customers (contacts & companies) and opportunities are not visible in HubSpot unless they manually import or create them in HubSpot

Need to empower the commercial departments by giving them a 360° overview on their customers

Being a HubSpot Elite partner, Elixir is a top player in the global HubSpot ecosystem, with strong expertise on both the business side as well as on the technical side. Elixir has vast expertise in complex integrations. Having also a long track record in the SAP ecosystem, integrating HubSpot with SAP C4C is one of our core competencies.  We have even built our own integration platform for this purpose. Thanks to our experience in integrating CRM systems and our knowledge of the SAP environment, we know how to deal with complex business processes. Therefore Bosch Rexroth came to us, because they were seeking experts in the market that had experience in integrations and were able to empower their commercial department by giving them a 360° view of their customers.


How did we approach this?

Our own GO360° methodology

For complex integration projects, we typically offer an assessment to the customer in which we create a blueprint for their HubSpot and SAP C4C integration, which looks at both the business processes as well as the technical side of things. As a go-to partner for HubSpot and SAP integrations, we have our own best practices that we use as a starting point and then depending on the needs of Bosch Rexroth we adapted it. We mapped and aligned the complex business processes using a proven GO360° methodology. After this assessment was done, we had all the deliverables ready to start with the setup of the HubSpot and SAP C4C integration.



Complex business processes turned into successful business solutions

Elixir was able to turn the complex business processes into successful business solutions tracking the entire customer’s journey. The concrete results of integrating SAP C4C with HubSpot are the following:

  • Contacts, accounts, leads and opportunities between HubSpot and SAP C4C are in sync
  • Once the leads in HubSpot have been qualified by the marketing team, these leads were automatically created in SAP C4C by our integration
  • Sales in SAP C4C is aware of the leads generated by marketing in HubSpot and is able to (dis)qualify these leads. The feedback of this qualification in SAP C4C is being sent to the leads in HubSpot
  • Marketing has an overview of the (dis)qualified leads being generated in HubSpot and which leads were converted into contact, account and opportunity
  • Marketing can do marketing actions such as sending out marketing emails to the contacts that originally came from SAP C4C
  • Marketing can create reports in HubSpot with the information coming from SAP and HubSpot (e.g. contacts by lifecycle stage, contacts by lead status, closed revenue amount by interaction source/content type)

Bosch Rexroth was very satisfied with the way we handled this complex project. Vanessa Buchholz, Digital Marketing Manager at Bosch Rexroth, comments: “I’m very happy with the collaboration we have with Elixir. They communicate clearly and give regular follow-ups. I would definitely recommend Elixir to everyone, because they’re a great and professional partner to support any complex HubSpot or SAP related topics.”


Having a 360° overview on their customers and are able to outsmart competition

As Digital Business Engineers, we both have technical and business skills - meaning that we know the ins and outs of marketing, sales and integrations, but are also able to re-imagine your digital processes and systems. By ensuring that the commercial departments use the integration to its full potential, they get a 360° view of their customers and are able to outsmart their competition. With the success of this project, it was expected to roll out the same practice to the entire company worldwide - over 40 countries using HubSpot. So that all these countries could experience the same benefits as the initial 5 European countries.


Do you also want to align your commercial departments with a HubSpot and SAP integration like Bosch Rexroth? Download our integration approach document and discover how we typically tackle such a project. 



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