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Streamline sales operations and logistics with SAP C4C Telesales

SAP C4C telesales application

How can you ensure your order taking department is not only registering sales orders, but also supports commercials and promotional actions that are vital for the success of your company?  And how can you do this without compromising speed of order taking? 

Many FMCG and food manufacturing companies face similar challenges, as their point-of-sales call in to place their orders in the morning and expect delivery the following day.  As such, orders need to be in the system by noon to guarantee that logistical processes can be executed in a timely matter.  

The solution is simple: these companies need a telesales solution that is specifically designed for their industry, and which is tightly integrated with their ERP environment.

So how does such a solution look like? It has to meet the expectations in 5 main areas.

1. Advanced call list management

In order to improve efficiency, telesales agents require automatically-generated call lists that take into account agreed-upon calling hours as well as order delay requirements.

2.Tailored interaction with the customer

Your sales agent must give relevant information to your customer and therefore, the telesales screen needs to be built around the ERP. Adding standard order assortment, applying  discounts from current promotional campaigns or checking the status of order deliveries and pricing is easier when the telesales process includes up-to-date information.

3. Order entry at speed of speech

Errors need to be minimized  and your telesales agents to be guided, Ideally, they spend more time selling and less interacting with the softwares. With a single screen to help manage orders directly, telesales agents can handle calls and immediately communicate results without juggling between multiple tools in an endless navigation. 

4. Tight ERP integration 

Build telesales features around your ERP, and orders are triggered quickly with accurate pricing, and stock levels are updated right when products are readied in warehouses. Sales then go fast, and the cost of operations are limited while insuring that every order is loaded in trucks on time.  

5. Low Total Cost of Ownership:

Integrating the telesales application directly within the ERP also has financial advantages. As an add-on it has low costs of implementation, and also of maintenance, which are tied to the ERP's own update mechanism. User trainings  also reduced with a user-friendly interface and it results in low system management time.

In a time-sensitive supply chain, a unified system for order taking, management, and fulfillment is key to streamline sales operations and  outbound logistics. 


Elixir Solutions and SAP C4C Telesales

When implementing SAP C4C for clients like Vandemoortele, Elixir Solutions kept all these considerations in mind and built a highly specialized SAP C4C telesales plugin that consists of a call list and order-taking solution on a single screen. With the SAP C4C integration, all relevant details about the customer are gathered and this allows for quick and easy order processing.

Want to have a look at what such a solution look like in practice?

Watch our SAP C4C Telesales videos!


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