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Simac trusts Elixir Solutions for SAP C4C support

After a successful SAP C4C integration project, Simac extends the collaboration with Elixir Solutions to improve their existing SAP C4C implementation, and act as second-line support for their C4C solution.


As a first part of this collaboration, two departments were provided with different user interfaces for an optimized user experience and productivity.
Other planned actions include a Microsoft Sharepoint integration, further improvements on their reporting capabilities and the exploration of the setup of two-factor authentication.  The latter would allow to further increase the security of their SAP C4C environment.

Those changes, requested via a ticketing system and managed by Simac via a dedicated customer portal, are implemented, tested, approved and deployed in a matter of days.  All thanks to a dedicated and reactive team of seasoned SAP C4C support and implementation consultants.


About Simac

Simac is a purely Dutch family company, active in the Benelux and Central Europe. On the basis of high-quality technology, we provide medium and large organisations with products and services that are always aimed at improving business processes. Simac employs a total of 1250 people at branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Simac is made up of holding companies – the Simac companies – with a wide range of solutions, products and services in many different segments.


About Elixir Solutions

Active since 2013, Elixir Solutions is specialised in SAP C4C Implementations and Marketing Automation integrations and successfully delivered several projects in these domains.  Our early specialization in SAP C4C gives us unrevealed expertise and position as a trusted partner  for every SAP C4C project, whether it's full implementation, or support and adaptation of existing setups. 



Partnership Simac Elixer

Normally I don't fill out these reviews but I'm glad to make an exception for our partner Elixir. Their personal and effective approach helped us implementing new functionalities to our proces which improves our business. A reliable company as Simac needs partnerships which we can rely on. We found one with Elixir.



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