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Accelerate your HubSpot CRM Integration


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Bringing your sales and marketing teams closer together can lead to tighter marketing strategies while boosting your sales figures. It does this by giving sales departments a better understanding of where leads are coming from and where they fit in the sales funnel, while simultaneously aligning marketing efforts to better support business objectives. CRM integration with HubSpot, in particular, can result in far better measuring, tracking and optimization of your campaigns with data from your money spinners and the people responsible for drawing in more leads.

Accessing the intelligence behind your marketing campaigns:

You already know that HubSpot’s marketing tools are incredibly useful for your business strategy, but finding a way to align your CRM and marketing automation system with your wider business goals can prove to be challenging. However, when you achieve CRM integration with HubSpot, you can start zoning in on the business intelligence behind your sales strategies and marketing campaigns for better results.


Here’s how HubSpot CRM integration can help you eliminate sales and marketing blind spots

  • Based on lead scoring strategies, hot leads can be synchronized to CRM at the right moment, so sales can more effectively start targeting the right leads
  • By sending campaign data to CRM, you can start estimate sales pipeline for the leads that were generated by marketing, and you can start measuring campaign ROI 
  • Actions performed by sales can in turn be fed back to HubSpot, which can serve as an input for segmentations, workflows and other campaigns


But the road to integration can be complicated

One of the drawbacks of HubSpot integrations is that it often adds additional work - in many cases unexpectedly. When looking to integrate these two vital parts of your business strategy, you don’t want extra to-dos to get in the way of your processes. Any company owner, sales team manager or marketing manager wants a system that their sales force actually wants to use. So, how do you go about achieving this?


You could develop your own API


The one option is to develop your own API. In this scenario, you not only need the developmental skills, but also the dedicated resources to get the system off the ground. In any organisation, developers are usually flat out busy with pressing issues and ‘new systems’ that benefit lead generation generally get put on hold. However, even if your dev team had time on its hands, the period from development to release will involve a steep learning curve, unexpected issues and countless weeks or even months of preparation before seeing any glimpse of ROI.  Because, if you want to do this in a professional way, there are many things to think about:

  • End-to-end integration process
  • Differences in data model, mapping of data and values
  • Converting of SOAP to REST and vice versa
  • Management of API restrictions
  • Management of errors and synchronization conflicts
  • Authorizations and security
  • And much more!


You could invest in an "Out-of-the-box" Solution

A more effective solution is to connect with specialists in HubSpot CRM integration. Companies with specialized HubSpot integration solutions can radically shorten the waiting period involved in getting an in-house API off the ground, and minimize implementation risk

Accelerate your HubSpot integration:

Our proprietary solution, called ElixirSync, links HubSpot to a multitude of CRM solutions, including SAP and Oracle; but also with quotation systems and custom CRM solutions. What sets us apart is the depth of the integration we can cover (at record implementation speed).  Instead of simply synching your company’s contact data, it enables you to integrate any data object.  On top of that, we provide process integration capabilities or even custom features which are typically needed commercial environments of medium to high complexity. 

Download our free HubSpot and Oracle solution brief.

Download our solution brief



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