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Elixir now also integrates HubSpot with Oracle CRM On Demand


Elixir Solutions is proud to announce that it has added Oracle CRM On Demand to its portfolio.  As such, it is now also possible to fully integrate HubSpot with Oracle CRM On Demand.   This API integration helps you to measure, track and optimize campaign success with bidirectional data integration.  This puts valuable lead intelligence in the hands of your sales team, and feeds back information and intelligence to the marketing department as well.

So what make this solution different?

Our HubSpot to Oracle CRM API integration is not (only) about getting data from A to B.  No, as experts in this domain, we are focusing on aligning the customer's journey, regardless of the systems you are using.


How we align the customer's journey

Our solution can link HubSpot contacts to leads in Oracle. Furthermore, we can also support more elaborate use cases were the contact is followed throughout the full lifecycle in Oracle CRM: starting as a lead, then converted into a prospect with a linked opportunity,  while in the end becoming a happy customer.

Want to send campaign data as well?  No problem, we can do this!  As such, we support your pipeline reporting and the measurement of your inbound marketing ROI.   

To resume, we can now 

  • Sync contacts and leads;
  • Sync lifecycle stages;
  • Sync campaign data. 


What are the benefits? 

With the Hubspot to Oracle CRM on demand integration that we build, you get multiple advantages:

  • have a Sales and Marketing services working on the same data
  • automatically synchronized
  • processes aligned between the departments




If you're looking at integrating your HubSpot portal with Oracle CRM, come talk to us.  We are the experts in making HubSpot talk to enterprise level CRM solutions.  We would be more than happy to discuss with you how you can align your customers journey across both systems.


Want to know more? Then have a look at our solution brief, or contact us at sales@elixir-solutions.be.

Download our solution brief





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