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Elixir Solutions awarded grant for Platform Customer Journey Alignment

Elixir Solutions received the confirmation from VLAIO that their project to develop a platform for Customer Journey Alignment is eligible for funding. VLAIO is the Flemish Institution for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and awards grants to companies to accomplish their innovative projects. The selection process is severe and starts with providing a report that explains in detail the project you want to realize and its innovative character. If you survive this first round, you are invited to defend the project before a jury, that consists of professionals from the industry and the academic world. The jury believed strongly in our the project and awarded a grant of 85 000 euro to make it happen.

With the project, Elixir Solutions wants to build middleware to enable the integration between Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management tools. We have already done implementations for a SAP C4C to HubSpot API integration and an Oracle to HubSpot API integration, but we want to extend the scope of our platform to include all relevant Marketing Automation and CRM tools available on the Market. In that way Elixir Solutions wants to be considered as the expert worldwide in API integration of the Customer Journey for Midmarket and Enterprise customers.

The development of this platform requires additional resources, so a new software engineer was recruited who will take the lead in the further expansion of the current platform. Together we are working to build an integrated solution to help companies in their Customer Journey Alignment.

 If you want to have an idea about how much an integration of your CRM system with HubSpot costs, you can use the ElixirSync HubSpot CRM API integration estimator.

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