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Try out Elixir Solutions' HubSpot-Google Maps integration!

In our continuous efforts to align customer journeys across sales and marketing channels, Elixir Solutions is proud  today to announce a beta HubSpot integration with Google Maps on our ElixirSync portal. 

Hubspot integrations page- google maps

Register in one-click, and:

  • Visualize your HubSpot contacts around the world

Using HubSpot IP City/Country information, all contacts that have interacted with you are displayed in a map that cluster nearby individuals for additional insights based on their IP.
Advanced features also allow to display contacts based on their city/country and select contacts from pre-existing lists.

  • Know your visitors and target your campaigns

With an additional tool to visualize your HubSpot performance, you can better focus your Marketing Campaigns, and invest your energy on markets that are more receptive to your messages.
Once you have segmented the contacts according to your criteria (countries, persona, lifecycle stage...), an option to create a new list directly on the Google Maps portal is also available.

  • Meet nearby leads in the area you're visiting

After locating a contact by zooming in, you can easily identify contacts that are close by.
So within a few clicks,  plan appointments with contacts to reach when visiting leads.
This HubSpot/Google Maps app can therefore be used by both Marketeers and Sales representatives.

We are thrilled to share this Google Maps integration app and look forward to your feedback!
The registration to the beta is free and without any attached obligations.
Advanced features might require a minor subscription cost in the future to be accessed.

To join the beta, click here:

Integrate it now

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