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The secret of better recruitment processes? HubSpot Integrations!

Marketing Automation for recruitment companies is particularly challenging because their lead generation is two-sided.  Obviously, they target potential candidates, but they also need to reach companies for recruitment missions. Both types require custom contact journeys.
In this article, we will describe how a HubSpot Integration with Bullhorn, a recruitment software,
has provided our client Next Generation with a unified workflow and allowed them to accomplish more recruitment successes.

Recruitment Marketing Hubspot Integrations

Advanced Candidate processing.

A recent study  has shown that good candidate experiences increase conversion rate from an average of 2,7% to 3,5%, which is an efficiency gain of nearly 30%. It is therefore essential that Marketing Automation tools communicate with recruitment softwares.  
Concretely, applicants’ lifecycle status are linked to their position in recruitment phases. The goal is to prepare them for each step with tailored communication and the following recruitment stages were hence incorporated in HubSpot:

  • CV Submission
    The CV is submitted, either by the job seeker himself, the headhunter or the client.
    Here, a check is made to identify if the candidate should be excluded for several reasons
    (if he already exists, for example.) The profile is then evaluated a first time, and can be marked by it's quality, or availability.
  • First and second round interview 
    Before each meeting, applicants are given advice to improve their CV or prepare for the interviews.
  • Candidate placement at the company.
    Several subcategories are also required here, to distinguish between permanent placements, day rate contracts or temporary contracts.
    The candidate receives tips to make a good lasting impression when hired.

This continuous follow-up will increase the engagement of the candidates and improve their preparation and, hence, also the hire rate and the revenue generated by the recruitment agency.  As with HubSpot integrations for other industries

If you are considering a HubSpot Integration, you can take a look at the ones we offer:



About Next Generation:

Next Generation connects and helps people and organisations to forge lasting partnerships and relationships to unleash their success. The recruitment services they offer are tailored to  clients’ talent attraction strategy and candidates’ career expectations and goals.

About Elixir Solutions:
Elixir Solutions is specialised in Marketing Automation integrations
Our solution, ElixirSync, connects Marketing tools (HubSpot, Act-On, Showpad …) with SAP solutions (C4C, SAP ByD, amongst others), Oracle, Zoho, Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SFDC,... out of the box, and with mobile apps or custom CRM solutions as well.  

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