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Elixir's trip to Knokke - 2020

Every year, we are planning a company trip. This year,  we went to Knokke and here is what we did there and what we keep from it. 


HubSpot Video

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In this video you saw the activities that we did. What we would like to highlight are the take aways of this company event. 

1. Who we are as a team

Two days are a good period of time to learn more about each other, build relationships and create a team dynamic. As we recently welcomed a new member in the team, this was the perfect opportunity to build our team! Through the multiple activities, we learned about each other, and through the discussions, she could learn more about the company. 

2. Who we are as a company 

We took the time to reflect about who we are as a company. Not only about our positioning and our direction, but also about our company identity. This is a point that we will continue to work on and will help us to grow in a coherent way.

3. What are the values of the company

Another point that was important for us to talk about are the values of the company. As we are evolving, taking the time to think again about our values, checking that they are still in line with what we do and how we do it was necessary. The core values of Elixir Solutions in 2020 are as follows : 

1. We make it happen

2. We’ll have to adapt over and over again to remain successful

3. We add value to the customer

4. We think straight and talk straight (with empathy).

5. We’re tech savvy business people


Take aways and team building times

The company trip was, as expected, full of good take aways. It gives us the means to develop the team and the important company identity even further. 



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