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Facebook: How to attract customers organically with Facebook

As of this year, 22% of the world population uses Facebook. But there are still companies who don't capitalize on that even though it's free. But how exactly can you do that? That's what we'll discover in this blog post. 


How to attract customers organically via Facebook

In 2021, Facebook is the number one social platform with 60,6% of all internet users having an account. Being successful on Facebook is not easy.  For sure, you're not the only one trying to get the attention here!  So, in order to get tangible results, you need to apply a structured approach:


1. Prioritize your business objectives

Being merely present on Facebook without an end goal in mind is a start, but definitely not the best strategy.  So define in advance what you want to achieve.  This guide is most appropriate for companies who want to generate organic leads and online sales via Facebook.

The things that you must take into account when defining your  objectives:

  • Who do you want to reach, which personas. 
  • How does your persona use Facebook: is it to look for information, join groups, talk with its friends... 
  • What content would be interesting for the persona, at what point of its life
  • What is the action that you want them to make? 


2. Build your Facebook audience

To grow your Facebook fan base, you need to make your page and posts as discoverable as possible.  Consider these 5 ways to get notices

  • Make sure your page is filled out with searchable information
  • Invite existing contacts to like your page
  • Incorporate Facebook in your communication channels
  • Create value by sharing interesting content


3. Develop and focus on your overarching content & lead gen strategies

First focus on the content your potential customers will like and appreciate, regardless of the channel used.  Then use Facebook as a means to draw attention to this content, eg by using eye-catching images.

Look at the stats to check which one of your strategies is the most efficient. With time, you will be able to determine which content or formulation to use across your publications.

4. Champion content creation

To attract customers, you can't only post sales-driven content.  Focus on both direct and indirect lead generation.  Ensure there is enough friendly and easy-to-consume content, not linked to any commercial call-to-action.  This will ensure more fun, more engagement, more traffic,... and eventually more leads.





  • Focus on helping people. Whether B2B or B2C, business is still P2P – person to
  • Create content that makes your target audience’s job easier. Then, create interesting
    posts to promote that content on Facebook.
  • REMEMBER TO: Post a balance of direct and indirect lead gen content

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