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HubSpot Salesforce Integration Playbook Navigating 4Business Scenarios

Blending Salesforce & HubSpot into your business strategy, things can get a bit tricky. Different situations bring unique challenges, and that's where our playbook steps in. We'll delve into the intricacies of choosing to integrate Salesforce with HubSpot, navigating seamless migrations with integration, and exploring the standalone power of HubSpot. Our aim is to demystify the process and showcase tailored approaches based on your unique business needs.

Whether you're a seasoned pro with Salesforce, thinking about making a change, or starting fresh with a CRM – we've got you covered.

Consider this playbook your roadmap to understanding the nuances of Salesforce HubSpot integration and discovering why HubSpot stands out as the transformative solution for businesses like yours.

Table of contents

SCENARIO #1: Sell in Salesforce & Market in HubSpot

SCENARIO #2: Migrate from Pardot to HubSpot Marketing Hub

SCENARIO #3: Salesforce & Pardot RIPOUT for a unified CRM - Total Migration to HubSpot

SCENARIO #4: starting from scratch with HubSpot 


Considering an Integration Partner


Most commonly we see that almost all sales teams are cruising in Salesforce, but here's the deal – you currently don’t have a Marketing Platform. If you're all about keeping things in the Salesforce ecosystem, you need to know that Salesforce doesn't provide a marketing solution within its Sales Cloud package. Now, the dilemma surfaces – Pardot / Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your marketing requirements? While Pardot/ Marketing Cloud is a viable option, it still needs to be integrated & don’t quite hit the mark on marketing automation.

Leaving marketers seeking a solution that truly aligns with their automation needs.

 Enter HubSpot Marketing Hub – the unparalleled and user-friendly answer to your marketing automation needs. Positioned as the optimal marketing automation solution for Salesforce,

HubSpot stands out for:

  • Native Salesforce Integration:

    Seamlessly merge HubSpot with your existing Salesforce infrastructure, ensuring a cohesive digital ecosystem.
  • Intuitive Workflow Creation:

    Enjoy a hassle-free experience in nurturing prospects and customers with HubSpot's user-friendly interface, streamlining your workflow effortlessly.
  • Extensive App Ecosystem:

    Access a marketplace of apps, integrations, and marketer-centric features, making HubSpot the preferred choice for businesses striving for impeccable sales and marketing alignment.
  • Use all data for marketing:

    you can reach out to contacts based on criteria of associated objects & use data from these objects in marketing assets.

 Enter the HubSpot Salesforce integration

In this scenario, the strategic decision to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce becomes a catalyst for bridging the gap between sales and marketing. The integration creates a smooth workflow that drives your business forward, solidifying HubSpot as the ultimate choice for achieving top-notch marketing within the Salesforce landscape.

Read more here about why you should consider the Salesforce HubSpot Integration for business growth.


SCENARIO #2: migrate from pardot to hubspot marketing hub

In the scenario where businesses use Salesforce for sales and have initially chosen Pardot/Salesforce Cloud Marketing for marketing, a common trend we observe is that many businesses make the decision to shift towards migrating to HubSpot Marketing Hubs. Why is this?  –  The reason(s) behind this shift is rooted in the challenges that marketing teams often face with Pardot's features, which fall short of delivering the desired outcomes. These limitations eventually lead businesses to make the strategic decision to transition from Pardot to HubSpot

This migration is not a random choice but a well-considered move driven by the need for a more robust and effective marketing solution. Common issues experienced with Pardot, such as challenges in achieving desired results, inadequate features, or limitations in supporting evolving marketing strategies, contribute to the decision-making process.

However It's crucial to highlight that this transition requires a meticulous approach. The business must ensure the continuation of sales and marketing activities to avoid disruptions in ongoing campaigns. Despite the challenges, the decision to migrate is seen as an essential step towards enhancing overall marketing effectiveness and achieving better alignment between sales and marketing goals.

Enter the HubSpot Salesforce integration

– the linchpin that facilitates this migration process. By allowing businesses to transition/migrate from Pardot to HubSpot while keeping the sales team anchored in Salesforce, this integration ensures a smooth and efficient shift. It becomes the cornerstone for maintaining continuity and alignment between the pivotal facets of the business during this transformative period & after. Wondering how exactly the integration aligns Sales and Marketing Teams?

Explore more details in this blogpost.


In the complex world of managing Sales in Salesforce and Marketing in Pardot, businesses come to a realization - that Sales & Marketing teams are not able to fully tap into it's potential. The steep learning curve for end-user adoption is a roadblock. The solution? A complete migration to HubSpot.

By choosing HubSpot, which provides the Sales Hub tailored for sales teams & Marketing Hub for marketing teams, businesses can unify their CRM efforts and simplify operations.

In summary, a full migration to HubSpot offers not only solutions to existing pain points but also opens up new possibilities for improved efficiency, collaboration, and growth across both sales and marketing functions.

Enter the HubSpot Salesforce integration

A common observation in this scenario is that despite using Pardot for marketing, the back office or master data often remains located in the Salesforce environment. The integration with Salesforce becomes key, ensuring that essential master data stays in a familiar space, allowing for a seamless data sync and facilitating a more unified and efficient CRM experience.

Discover our Client success story: ION x Elixir

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scenario #4: starting from scratch with hubspot 

In the scenario where a business is starting anew without pre-existing CRM solutions, HubSpot is often the go-to choice of simplicity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. HubSpot's Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs provide an all-encompassing solution with user-friendly features and free plans.

Choosing HubSpot from the outset ensures that your business starts on the right foot, with a centralized platform that integrates sales, marketing, and service functions seamlessly. The ease of user adoption further cements HubSpot as an attractive choice for businesses embarking on their CRM journey.


These scenarios depict the diverse challenges businesses face when considering Salesforce integration, emphasizing the need for tailored solutions. As the decision to integrate is often monumental, involving a knowledgeable partner becomes crucial. By seeking professional advice, you can navigate the intricate landscape of Salesforce integration, ensuring your business achieves optimal alignment between sales and marketing, propelling you toward sustained success.

Considering an Integration Partner for the salesforce hubspot integration:

In the journey of integration, where simplicity meets power, there are moments when the standard playbook may require an extra touch. Certain scenarios, with needs beyond the norm—think custom mapping or intricate automations—call for the expertise of an integration partner. Learn more about Elixir as the go-to Integration partner.

Here, the essence lies not just in recognizing challenges but in optimizing solutions for your unique business demands.

Need help on how to navigate the integration/migration of Salesforce & HubSpot? Explore the possibilities with Us for Your Business Journey.


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