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What is the right HubSpot plan for your Startup?

HubSpot might be just the thing to boost your small entreprise. The tool is complete and easy-to-use, plus it has the capacity of supporting the growth of your company. Want to know more? Stay put! We'll break down the offers for starters.


Why choosing HubSpot?

First things first. Why should you consider using HubSpot? It is a tool that combines a CRM, with features related to sales, marketing activities (including automation), and to service. It is pretty complete and user friendly.

This combination is what makes the strength of HubSpot. Indeed, it enables you to use the data of the CRM with the marketing tools and service tools, and vice versa.

HubSpot offers already a good basis for a small business that doesn't want to go too deep into it but still wants to put in place good practices. Then, when growing, the startup can upgrade its plan. This way, it can keep the data and processes it has, while completing them with other features and a bigger capacity.

HubSpot has different offers, and some of them are specifically designed for small businesses. We'll oversee these offers and what you can do with it.

Free CRM

The first possibility to get HubSpot is to use the free CRM. This basic offer can be very useful to begin with. Indeed, you can create contacts and their companies, keep track of the activity of those, follow their lifecycle stage, create deals.

Next to that, you can create forms, manage your ads, talk to those who visit your website through the chat, and with your customers with emails. The list segmentation enables you to target people. Give support with the ticketing system and report thanks to the dashboards.

Sales hub Starter

The Starter offer consists in the free CRM, with features to complement it: the tracking and scheduling of your emails and the activation of notifications from the system. You can also create email sequences, schedule meetings and call your contacts from the tool itself. Other famous feature: the deals pipeline for you to use.

The Sales hub for starters gives power to your contact management. All the data related to your relationship with them is in it, and all the one-to-one communication happens in it. 

Marketing hub Starter

The Marketing hub offer for starters gives you the features that you need to do email marketing, paid advertising and retargeting. On top of the Free CRM, you'll get to use the CMS. This begins by creating landing pages. In terms of reporting, you will also access data on the activity of your contacts on your website.

It includes the possibility to send out mass emails, on the basis of the segmentation of the contacts. You can also manage your ads and retarget people from HubSpot.

Which one is the right plan for you?

Depending on what you want to accomplish, the right plan is the one that gives you enough features to accomplish it. If you only need a CRM that tracks the activity of the contacts and in which you can overview the stages in which they are, and some marketing tools, then the free CRM might suffice.

If you want to dive deeper in the communication with your contacts, improving your sales process, then the Sales Hub for starter is the right fit. It provides you with enough tools to centralise sales activities in HubSpot. 

If the marketing side is you focus, you might want to invest into the Marketing Hub Starter plan. Paid advertising, using the links with the CRM to retarget and send mass emails. 

How to get started? Elixir is Diamond partner

Those offers provide you with good functionalities. Enough to bring results to your company! 

Startups are willing to do a lot themselves, but as easy it is to use the tool, you still might need help to implement it in your organisation. Are you a belgian startup? Then, we are the right interlocutor. Elixir Solutions is a Diamond partner of HubSpot and we have special offers for starters! 

Check them out here!




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