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How to integrate Marketo with SAP solutions

While many Marketo integrations exist, SAP solutions like SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), SAP ByDesign, and other CRM tools are often left out. Fortunately, with ElixirSync, more and more customers are going live with a SAP/Marketo integration. 

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With this unique solution, sales representatives can immediately react on Marketo leads and follow them up through the sales process, with all marketing information at their disposal.
On the other hand, marketers can leverage the sales database by syncing sales data from SAP to Marketo, including accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Marketo trusts our unique expertise of integrating SAP with Marketing Automation platforms, and  

recognizes us as a valued collaborator. 
  Elixir Solutions is listed as a Certified Partner on Marketo supported integrations page, and is today considered as the go-to provider for Marketo/SAP integrations.


To learn more about the methodology required to integrate Marketo with SAP solutions, click on this link to download our solution brief.

Download our solution brief

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