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3 Effective Methods to streamline your Trade Show Leads & maximize ROI

You might be surprised to learn that trade shows are still a powerful tool for manufacturing businesses. At Elixir, our experience with manufacturing clients across the globe has shown that trade shows remain a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. In this article, we're delving into the reasons behind this and how you can leverage HubSpot CRM, exploring the challenges faced, and introducing three effective methods to maximize your trade show leads' potential and supercharge your ROI.

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The Trade Show Paradox: Relevance in a Digital WorldThe Power Trio: Lead Registration Methods - leveraging HubSpot CRM

The Power Trio: Lead Registration Methods - leveraging HubSpot CRM

  1. Scanning Business Cards - HubSpot Mobile App

  2. Self-Registration Stations - HubSpot Form

  3. Importing Prospect Lists - in HubSpot

Unlocking Trade Show Success with HubSpot

The Trade Show Paradox: Relevance in a Digital World

With the emergence of digital marketing, one might question the relevance of trade shows. However, our experience indicates that almost +/- 95% of our current manufacturing clients continue to participate in trade shows and conferences. Why? These events provide a unique opportunity to engage with prospects in a tangible, face-to-face setting. The platform allows companies to showcase their authority, credibility, and influence within their industry.

While trade shows present immense value, managing the leads generated efficiently can be a daunting task. Based on our client experiences, an estimate of +/- 80% of manufacturing companies struggle with this crucial aspect. To combat this, a well-structured lead management process is imperative. This involves inviting prospects, assigning booth representatives, and automating follow-ups for streamlined efficiency; this will all be done within your HubSpot Account.



The Power Trio: Lead Registration Methods - leveraging HubSpot CRM

Introducing three potent methods to simplify and optimize the lead registration process, ensuring no valuable business opportunities are lost.

1. Scanning Business Cards - HubSpot Mobile App

The first method involves scanning business cards on the spot using the HubSpot Mobile app. Despite the digital age, business cards are still the B2B currency of connection. They offer a seamless way to exchange vital contact information, ensuring accurate data capture in real-time. By scanning business cards immediately, you eliminate the risks associated with losing or misplacing physical cards, guaranteeing all leads are captured correctly.


2. Self-Registration Stations - HubSpot Form

The second technique centers on self-registration stations at your trade show booth. Utilizing devices like iPads with custom HubSpot forms, you empower prospects to provide their information willingly. Immediate integration with HubSpot enables instant follow-up communication. This approach enhances data accuracy and empowers leads, fostering brand engagement.

3. Importing Prospect Lists - in HubSpot

Lastly, trade show venues often provide prospect lists in formats like CSV or Excel files. These lists feature attendees with a vested interest in your industry or products. Importing these lists directly into your HubSpot account eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that no potential leads are overlooked. These attendees have already signaled interest, they are the leads you need to target  for your follow-up campaigns.

Learn more on how to set up your files correctly to eliminate any errors: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/crm-setup/set-up-your-import-file 



Unlocking Trade Show Success with HubSpot

In essence, capturing and effectively managing leads is the key to maximizing your trade show ROI. By integrating these lead registration strategies with HubSpot's potent tools, you empower your business to extract the most value from trade show experiences. The synchronization of leads through scanning business cards, deploying self-registration stations, and importing prospect lists streamlines your lead management. This, combined with automated follow-ups and data-driven insights, propels your trade show endeavors toward success.

Want to know more about Trade Show Success? Download our free guide  → Download it here

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