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How you use hubspot CRM to prove ROI of trade shows efforts

Trade shows have long been a cornerstone of marketing and lead generation efforts for manufacturing companies. These events offer a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers, strengthen industry relationships, and showcase products and services. However, the challenge has always been measuring the real impact of these trade shows, turning leads into closed deals, and forecasting future revenue. Enter HubSpot CRM —a game-changer for manufacturing companies looking to maximize their trade show success. Discover how to set up reports in HubSpot to get a 360° view of your efforts!


The Power of Trade Shows for Manufacturing Companies

Tracking Leads from Trade Shows

Generating Insightful Lead Reports in HubSpot CRM

Turning Leads into Closed Deals with HubSpot CRM

Forecasting Future Revenue with Confidence

Empowering Manufacturing Companies with HubSpot CRM

Elixir as Your HubSpot Partner

The Power of Trade Shows for Manufacturing Companies:

For manufacturing companies, trade shows are not just events; they're critical milestones on the path to success. Here's why:

  • Establishing a Strong Industry Presence:
    Trade shows provide a platform to reinforce your industry presence and credibility. It's where you demonstrate your expertise and innovative solutions, setting the stage for trust and collaboration.
  • Connecting with Decision-Makers: 
    At trade shows, you're not just meeting prospects; you're engaging with key decision-makers. It's an opportunity to form meaningful connections with potential customers, partners, and industry experts.
  • Showcasing Your Offerings:
    These events allow you to shine a spotlight on your products and services, attracting potential buyers and opening doors to new business opportunities.
  • Gathering Valuable Leads:
    Perhaps the most significant advantage of trade shows is lead generation. However, managing and harnessing these leads effectively is where the real challenge lies.


Tracking Leads from Trade Shows

Effective lead tracking begins with a well-structured sales pipeline and custom properties like "First Trade Show" in HubSpot CRM. Here's how this journey unfolds:

        • Creating a Strategic Sales Pipeline: A successful trade show strategy starts with a structured sales pipeline. We've seen this approach work wonders for our clients across industries, providing a clear roadmap for lead progression.

Sales pipeline

        • Harnessing Custom Properties: HubSpot CRM offers custom properties like "First Trade Show" to tag leads generated from specific trade shows. Elixir has harnessed this feature, using it to guide clients in tracking their leads more efficiently.
Lead customer property
        • The Power of Timestamps: Timestamping trade shows is a practice we've seen yield great results. It allows you to link leads to their originating events accurately.

Generating Insightful Lead Reports in HubSpot CRM

Now, let's delve into how HubSpot CRM empowers manufacturing companies to generate insightful lead reports:




This report reveals the number of leads generated from trade shows. It offers a comprehensive view of which trade shows are most successful in lead generation and how leads progress through the sales funnel.

        • Understanding Lead Lifecycle Stages: Understanding the transition from leads to opportunities and eventually customers is crucial. Elixir has witnessed this knowledge enable clients to optimize their sales strategies effectively.
        • Breakdown by Trade Show: By breaking down leads by the originating trade show, you gain precise insights into the impact of each event on lead generation. This data empowers strategic decision-making.
        • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Armed with this data, you can make informed, data-driven decisions about resource allocation, trade show prioritization, and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Sales funnel

REPORT 1 - Leads Generated From Trade Shows



The next report focuses on turning leads into closed deals and tracking revenue effectively:

        • Leveraging Data Sources: This report combines data from deals and company information to track revenue generated from specific trade shows. Elixir's expertise ensures that clients are not just tracking deals but also understanding their financial impact.
        • Filtering for Precision: Filtering data is key to accuracy. Elixir has seen clients benefit from this practice by evaluating the true ROI of each trade show.
        • Evaluating Trade Show ROI: By tracking closed deals, manufacturing companies can assess the financial impact of their trade show participation, enabling them to refine their strategies for future success.

Trade show ROI

Report 2 - Deal Revenue From Trade Show


3. REPORT 3 - Forecasting Future Revenue

The final part of the journey involves forecasting future revenue, ensuring that manufacturing companies are prepared for what lies ahead:

        • Forecasting with the Sales Pipeline: Elixir's experience has shown that analyzing the sales pipeline and using weighted amounts for predicting future earnings is a powerful strategy.
        • Setting Filters for Precision: Filters help refine forecasted data, focusing on upcoming months and specific trade shows. This level of detail enables proactive decision-making.
        • Strategic Data-Driven Decisions: With this forecasted data in hand, manufacturing companies can make strategic decisions about resource allocation, sales strategies, and future trade show participation with confidence.

Forecast sales pipeline

REPORT 3 - Forecasting Future Revenue

Empowering Manufacturing Companies with HubSpot CRM

In conclusion, HubSpot CRM is the linchpin for manufacturing companies looking to maximize their trade show success. By effectively tracking leads, turning them into closed deals, and forecasting future revenue, you can navigate the trade show landscape with confidence.


Elixir as Your HubSpot Partner:

As a HubSpot partner, Elixir brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Over the years, we've worked closely with clients across various industries, helping them harness the power of HubSpot CRM to overcome challenges and drive meaningful results.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities with HubSpot CRM

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