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How NTT DATA Business Solutions delivers a personalized experience on their website

NTT Data Business Solutions Group - consisting of itelligence AG and NTT DATA Business Solutions APAC-  is an NTT DATA company focusing on SAP solutions. They are designing, implementing, managing, and continuously enhancing business solutions all around the world. As an SAP Platinum Partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions drives innovations and gets the most out of the proven SAP technology together with their customers. 

We have built a long term relationship with the itelligence AG Corporate Marketing team in Germany, as integration consultants and HubSpot specialists. That's why they came to us with their new ambitious project of building a new website for the NTT DATA Business Solutions division in Asia Pacific with HubSpot CMS.

End 2018, we began to discuss with the headquarters team and the local contact persons in Australia about the future objectives, functional requirements and timeline. The main goal was that the new website would have to be responsive, content-driven and based on country-specific contents. Challenge that we were enthusiastic to take on.

The challenge

Very soon it became clear that this project is quite complex due to the fact that they are operating with two brandings, in various countries and with different portfolio. The decision was made that the basis for the new website would be the itelligence website which is based on Wordpress. But we had to transform designs and modules to the NTT DATA Corporate Design. So the project had to begin with a migration from Wordpress modules to HubSpot CMS. Then, the entire website had to be customized, with the features and modules required. And lastly, the website was needed to be multi regional-lingual, changing appearances to the visitors coming from specific regions/geometric segments.

The design and re-usable custom modules

The design was based on NTT DATA web design. The homepage, portfolio pages and the search functionality were built.

The project required specific functionalities that weren't available in HubSpot as it is. We designed re-usable custom modules to match their expectations : for displaying awards, events, success stories, etc. We began with 5 modules in order to discuss and validate the functionalities required in the back-end. Afterwards, we extended it to all of the required modules.

All of the modules had to be custom-made for NTT DATA Business Solutions. This required to think ahead on two levels:
1. What features are required as part of a module: defining the parts of the website that are repeated and/or would require a specific customization.
2. What would be the module design from a marketer's perspective: the idea here is that the module, which is very technical, should be designed for the marketer that will use it in the end. 

The content

The content had to change on the basis of the country. The visitors are redirected according to their country of connection, language of the browser and other indicators of the origin to the version of the page that is the most relevant. 


This project has first for advantage for NTT DATA Business Solutions to deliver a more personalized customer experience on the website. Secondly, it enables the company to deliver a consistent UI for all of its HubSpot users.

Success and results


Since 1,5 years we are using HubSpot Marketing for lead generation activities within itelligence. Building a complete website with HubSpot CMS was a huge project for us. With the help of Elixir Solutions, we've created a flexible, responsive, and up-to-date, customer-oriented website, which fulfils our functional and processual requirements in the future. Now we are already thinking about relaunching also our itelligence website." 

Inga Vogel, Head of International Marketing, itelligence AG

The outcome of the operation in terms of results isn't yet measurable. Indeed, the website went live recently in Australia and India with a basic set of web pages and is now to be further expanded - content- and location-wise. What we can already say is that itelligence and NTT DATA Business Solutions recognized us as CMS experts and they are satisfied with our work.

Here's what the personalization country-based looks like:

In India:

In Australia:

Image 17-02-20 à 13.58



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