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[Short story] Elixir x Tendim


Tendim in short :

Industry: Healthcare

Type of project: HubSpot Sales & Marketing onboarding, Sage100 integration

Size of the organisation: 6-10

Head quarters: Kontich, Belgium

Website: www.tendim.be

ELixir x tendim

What were the issues faced by the customer, starting the project? 

  • Customer data was spread over different systems, making it difficult to quickly find back important information
  •  Generation and nurturing of high-quality leads had to be improved
  •  Hard to measure results due to lack of data

How did we solve it?

  • Provide Tendim with great marketing software to manage different channels from one system
  • Provide the sales reps with a great CRM tool, also accessible from their mobile phone as they’re often on the road
  • Centralizing data from various sources into HubSpot:
    • Interactions of the sales reps with their leads and customers
    • Engagement of leads with online marketing initiatives and website
    • Customers and orders from Tendim’s existing webshop
    • Customers, quotes and orders from Tendim’s existing ERP (Sage100)

What was the result?

  • More information and faster access for the sales team, making it easier to identify and reach out to qualitative leads and customers
  • Tendim to quickly see how they’re doing and what needs to be improved, by having their results visualized in a central dashboard


what tendim says about us:


"Smooth HubSpot implementation

Tendim is a small company and we have chosen Elixir as our HubSpot partner based on their review and a recommendation from a supplier. The implementation was very smooth and they adapted the process to the size of our company. " - Karel Voet, Tendim


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