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Out-of-the-box SAP ByDesign to HubSpot integration with ElixirSync

SAP ByDesign and Hubspot integration

Our unique solution to connect HubSpot with SAP has been leveraged successfully for Signavio, a German high-tech company specialized in business process management.  
With an SAP ByDesign and HubSpot Integration, operational efficiency was improved, and lead management was boosted. Sales representatives can now follow up on leads generated by HubSpot Marketing.

Typically, HubSpot uses company and contacts, whereas SAP operates with accounts, contacts and leads. A difference in data model covered by ElixirSync. In short, this is what the solution covers:

  • Our predefined flows for SAP ByD integration performed bidirectional sync of SAP ByD accounts to HubSpot companies, and SAP ByD contacts to HubSpot contacts.  
  • On top of that, HubSpot creates leads in SAP ByD triggered by a number of criteria that can be freely defined and adapted by the marketing department. Lead lifecycle data is sent back to HubSpot as well, along with status data of linked opportunities;
  • While SAP ByD is the master system for accounts and for the association of these accounts to contacts in HubSpot, the setup also allows for the creation of accounts in SAP ByD.  This is not so common in the SAP world, but given the huge amount of companies created in HubSpot, this was a must for Signavio
  • Advanced duplicate checks on account on contact data when entering SAP
  • A screen mashup displaying HubSpot interaction data in SAP to the sales department. 

Follow our blog to read more about the many HubSpot Integrations performed by our cloud solution ElixirSync. Get inspired on the various ways ElixirSync allows you to align customer journeys in your company. 


Download our free ElixirSync one-pager to know more about our approach:

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