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HubSpot Integration Freshbooks/Freshdesk | Elixir Solutions

Integrating different applications that you use in your business will streamline your operations and therefore save you time and money.


Nowadays, many software offers standard integration with other software, however these are often quite limited and will probably not suit your needs. We realized that at Elixir Solutions when we decided to integrate two software we use, Freshbooks and Freshdesk, with our HubSpot portal.


Freshbooks/HubSpot integration


Freshbooks is an accounting software where we create our invoices. They offer a standard integration with HubSpot that allows to:

  • Sync Clients (Customers or Evangelists only) between FreshBooks and HubSpot based on the Client’s primary email address
  • Display Payments and Invoices under each Contact within the Contacts section of HubSpot (with links to the Invoices and Payments)


Our goal was to create invoices as deals and invoices lines as line items in HubSpot, but this was not possible with the standard integration. So, we did our own FB/HS integration and synced the fields that we needed, including amounts, which we then used to create custom reports in HubSpot.


Advantages of this integration:

  • You can make custom revenue reports: filtered by month, country or specific product and service.
  • FreshBooks’ invoice and payment activity will show up in HubSpot as a timeline event within contact and company records., which will make it easier to follow up the payment status.


Freshdesk/HubSpot integration

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software. A standard integration is also available, which allows to do many things, such as:

  • Create new contact from a ticket, if they’re not in HubSpot
  • Create a new deal from a ticket
  • View deals associated with a contact
  • View contact lists associated with a contact


However, as you can see, it doesn’t allow us to create and update tickets, which was what we needed to allow the follow-up of tickets in HubSpot as well. Here too, we had to do our own customized integration to suit our needs.


Advantages of this integration: 

  • Align your marketing, sales and services teams. According to Aberdeen’s study, companies that align service and marketing around the customer improve customer satisfaction and sell more.
  • According to the same study, companies that have marketing and services departments in sync have more loyal customers who spend more.


Both applications offered a standard integration that may fit your expectations, but most of the time these are not enough. If you’re also not satisfied with what a standard integration offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your needs and we’ll make it happen!


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