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The Velux series: Sending one app's data to 15 HubSpot portals

Velux and Elixir Solutions first started their collaboration back in 2016. At that time, Velux was working on Velux Daylight app. An augmented reality mobile app, that enabled consumers to simulate the impact of having a Velux window in their room. Elixir Solutions contributed to this project by allowing all data gathered with this app to be distributed to 15 HubSpot portals all over Europe and the U.S. After this successful project, more projects followed. But let's dive deeper into this first project.

One app, 15 HubSpot portals

In order to help their customers get a better idea of how a window would look like in their home, Velux launched an augmented reality mobile app that would enable them to do just that. This app was available across all countries. The data collected through this app is very valuable for Velux, and they wanted to be able to capitalize on this data.

Being a huge organization, Velux has multiple departments that are taking care of different regions. Each of them have their own HubSpot portal. That's where the complexity comes into play. The contact data gathered in the app had to be delivered in the right HubSpot portal... and there are 15 of them!

We were given the task of integrating the app and the 15 portals. And that's exactly what we did! To ensure the right contact went to the right portal, we distributed the contacts based on their IP.

Once the contact was in the right portal, it had to receive the right follow-up. Thus, depending on their interactions on the app, the contacts were enrolled in a different workflow.


How we made it happen

We started with France and Italy as pilot countries. After one successful year, we optimized the solution and deployed it to other countries. 

For this project, we collaborated with another HubSpot partner, Avidly.


The start of a long-lasting relationship

Delivering this integration was only the start of a beautiful and long relationship. This was a project that very few would have accepted to implement, and even less would have succeeded. We are super proud to have shown once more the extent of our capabilities.

This project was only the start. Discover the other projects that we did for Velux. 


Fast and Professional
Very happy with the cooporation with Elixir around HubSpot. Dedicated and skilled team with a pro-active approach when solving problems and securing progress.
Thomas Melchior Jensen, Velux



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