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The Velux Series : SAP C4C integration with HubSpot for VMS

Velux requested our help for a specific business unit of Velux, called Velux Modular Skylights (VMS). They are part of Velux Commercial, whose purpose is to deliver solutions for commercial buildings. 

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VMS wanted to align the sales and marketing teams, enabling them to work better together. And then let each of them work on the tools that were best suited for their needs. The sales teams would use SAP C4C and the marketing team HubSpot. In order to automatically hand over the leads from one department to another, they needed an integration between HubSpot and SAP C4C. 

Elixir Solutions was not the first choice of Velux. They first asked their trusted consultancy firm to do it. However, this integration is tricky, and the security level required by Velux wasn't easy to meet. The firm did not succeed in setting up this integration. 

So VMS entrusted us with this project. And thanks to our experience in SAP C4C, HubSpot, their API's and integrations, we were able to meet the objectives for the integration. We delivered it with the required level of security, while also supporting the other agency in getting SAP up and running.


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The result

Thanks to this integration, VMS was able to set up a streamlined marketing to sales handoff.

HubSpot Video

This is what the flow of the integration between HubSpot and SAP looks like:

  • Marketing uses HubSpot tools to bring people on the websites.
  • A visitor converts on the website, most likely to request a price. If not, they will be nurtured until they do.
  • When a price is requested, the contact is considered a sales qualified, and is handed over to sales.
  • Sales then take over in SAP, where they can create the quote.
  • The negotiations are handled in SAP.
  • Whether the negotiations are won or lost, the info comes back in HubSpot as a deal.
  • With this information, the marketing team can continue to nurture those contacts and try to get an upsell.
  • If that succeeds, the information is sent back to SAP, creating a new lead.


Download our integration project approach
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A milestone in a long-lasting relationship

Elixir Solutions has been working with Velux since 2016 on different ways to align Sales and Marketing. Once again, they entrusted us with a complex project that we delivered successfully. Where others have failed, we made it happen!


Fast and Professional
Very happy with the cooporation with Elixir around HubSpot. Dedicated and skilled team with a pro-active approach when solving problems and securing progress.
Thomas Melchior Jensen, Velux



Check out the entire story of how we helped Velux with 5 projects :

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