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Why should you consider using Hub CMS?

As a marketer or salesperson you already know that it’s important to have a website. But just having a website isn’t enough, because customers nowadays expect more and more out of your website. Your customers will love an exclusive, one-to-one custom made experience. You don’t know yet how to achieve this? Building a website on Hub CMS will make this happen for you. 


What is Hub CMS?

Hub CMS is a Content Management System. This software helps you build and manage your own website. Developers can easily build new themes and content structures. As a marketer, it is easy to create and manage websites or landing pages. This means marketers and developers can work independently, but at the same time create more immersive marketing experiences. But most importantly, your customers have the best personalized experience when using your website. This makes it easy for you to grow better. Want to know more about why you should consider using Hub CMS? Keep reading. 


Building a new website on Hub CMS

How does it work to build a new website on Hub CMS?

Understanding of your journey, your business goals and challenges.

The first step is understanding of your journey, your business goals and challenges. We begin all of our projects by assessing your needs. This will require for us to talk to your teams, understanding the situation as it is.

Defining the modules and templates to create the website design, based on your needs.

Once we have identified the needs, we can define together the modules that your team would need to manage the website, as well as the templates of the different page types. The goal is to create a website that serves your marketing team the best way and that will be easy to use by them.

Implementing the types of personalizations you wish to have for your website visitors.

Because today, the best websites are the ones that deliver the best visitor experience, the third step is to talk about personalization. Whether you want to display a different website according to the region or language, or you want to deliver a personalized message for your different personas, we can discuss how to do it.


Developing and deploying your website.

Developing and deploying your website is the fourth step. Thanks to our team of experienced developers, we deliver our projects on time and in the agreed upon scope.

Assisting you with the integration of CRM and marketing automation tools with your website.

Building your website is only one of the steps of a project. It is also a matter of using it. HubSpot CMS is one of the tools that are available in HubSpot, but you can also start using the marketing automation tools. They enable you to work on your marketing in relationship with your website. As part of the project, we take this into account.


What are the advantages of using Hub CMS?


Which feelings do you experience when managing or creating a website? Frustration, stress, anxiety? Then you’re probably using a CMS that isn’t ready-to use. Hub CMS is both for marketers and developers the cherry on the cake. Developers can easily edit the pre-built themes or templates, or they can start from scratch. Marketers can easily create landing or website pages by using the drag-and-drop editor. Last but not least, your customers have the best personalized experience.

Personal experience

Hub CMS is all about delivering a personal experience to your customers. With the advanced tracking, links to CRM and smart content feature, you can tailor the experience to your visitors.

Powerful tools

Hub CMS is one part of the tools proposed by HubSpot. Using Hub CRM, Hub Marketing, Hub Sales and Hub Service together will give you the resources to deliver a great experience to your audience, at each stage of the buying process. You can easily add modules or tools that you need, without having to do maintenance.

High quality

When you use Hub CMS, your website will have the highest quality. Interested to see how a website built on Hub CMS looks like? Check out what we did for our customers.

Check out our portfolio

Reporting & website analytics

In HubSpot, you can easily create custom dashboards to have an overview of the performance of your website. This allows you to dig deeper into how visitors are finding your website, engaging with your content, etc. Some examples of web analytics tools in HubSpot are sessions, traffic metrics, new visitor sessions by source, session country, etc.


Have a look at our free Hub CMS one-pager to know which Hub CMS services we provide! 
Download our CMS Hub one-pager


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