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How easily can you migrate off Hub CMS?

Clients or prospects frequently ask us if it’s easy to migrate off Hub CMS. Sometimes companies don’t want their full business dependent on one platform, and that’s understandable. So, how easy is it? Keep reading! 😀


For example, you’re a tech company and you have HubSpot Growth Suite: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and CMS Hub. But you don’t reach your goals (e.g. ROI)? Or your boss just decided that he doesn’t want Hub CMS anymore? How easy is it then to migrate off on Hub CMS?


Exporting your data is easy

Well, here’s your answer: it’s even easier than most platforms to export your data. The tricky thing is that when you want to import your information to your new platform. There isn’t a button on HubSpot where you can import websites between different platforms.


Each CMS is different, but you can ask for help

Why is this the case? Each CMS is different in technical structuring. They have all their own manual massaging to make sure the coding is set up correctly. So, you would still need to do some work, but you can ask a HubSpot partner, agency or developer to help you.


HubSpot makes the process easier

But don’t worry, HubSpot makes the data extraction process easier (e.g. blog posts, contacts, deals, etc.) With other website platforms, you could have a lockdown when exporting anything. 


Using your external website with HubSpot tools

After your migration off Hub CMS is done, you can still use HubSpot's tools (Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub) with your external website. 


Do you still have questions about migrating your website off Hub CMS? Let’s talk!

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