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HubSpot ads newest tier into CRM Suite: CMS Hub Starter

Last year, HubSpot transformed its CMS products into a new Hub called CMS Hub. This Hub was available in two packages: Professional and Enterprise. It became a CMS with lots of new features. On August 3, HubSpot officially announced CMS Hub Starter along with bringing CMS Hub Starter into the CRM Suite bundle. 

What is CMS Hub Starter?

CMS Hub Starter is the newest tier of HubSpot's simple website content management system. It's the perfect fit for marketing generalists at an SMB of 1-10 employees. At the same time, you leverage the functionality of HubSpot's CRM. Because it's built on HubSpot's CRM, CMS Hub Starter aims to help teams better understand how customers are using your website and what content drives your growth.


Why should you use CMS Hub Starter?


A fast, secure, reliable websiteA traditional CMS leaves the security, speed and reliability up to chance. But you're a marketeer and not an IT professional. Using CMS Starter as a marketeer means that you don't need to worry about updates, lack of security, etc. You can focus on creating an amazing customer experience through your website.


Efficiently build a remarkable website

Marketers and developers will love this CMS. CMS Hub Starter lets developers use the tools, technologies and workflows that they prefer to create flexible themes for your marketeers to work with. Marketers can take ownership of the website - updating the look & feel of their website without being restricted by the developer team. 


An all-on-one CRM platform

Today a website is an important marketing asset for almost every company. But you're limiting your website's potential if your CMS is siloed off from the rest of your growth machine. That's why CMS Hub Starter is built as part of HubSpot's CRM platform. 


To conclude, the benefits of using CMS Hub Starter is huge for small companies.

At just $25/month, you're covered with a CRM-powered CMS!


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