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Can you build membership and subscription websites on Hub CMS?

In a previous blog post, we already mentioned all the newest features on Hub CMS. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into this topic: building membership and subscription websites on Hub CMS. Keep reading if you want to know how this works on Hub CMS! 

What are memberships?

A membership website is a new feature where visitors are required to have an account in order to access content. The account system uses HubSpot CRM and CRM lists, together with the ability for a visitor to create a password for their account. Marketers can easily create landing pages on their website that are only visible for specific contacts in the CRM list. You can also limit access to knowledge base articles and blogs. This gives your visitors a truly personalized experience.

How does it work?

First things first, you don't need any plugins

When your contacts join a list or through manual assignments, they are granted access to content. They get an email to register for your website, where they can set a password to access content they have permission to access.

For example, you're the owner of a gym. Visitors register for classes and view the classes they have registered for. When someone registers for a class, the form submissions creates automatically a contact in your HubSpot CRM. These contact details are added to a list based on the form submissions. You use this list to grant access to a 'My Events' page. The visitor gets an email to register their membership that allows him/her to create a password for his/her account. 

membership website hub cms

Why would you need personalized membership websites?

  • Membership websites are perfect when you want a website that speaks to the needs of every single customer.
  • You only deliver content to specific segments of customers (e.g. customers, partners, resellers).
  • Give updates to your current customers.
  • Your customers can easily see their recent purchase information and upcoming appointments.
  • It becomes much more than a leads generation tool. You have a next level personalized membership website that is valuable for every customer.

Hopefully this blog post gives you a better understanding of membership and subscription websites on Hub CMS. At Elixir Solutions, we offer different Hub CMS services. Interested to know which services we offer? Download our free Hub CMS one-pager. 

Download our CMS Hub one-pager


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