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Updates on Hub CMS: features marketers will love

In May 2020, HubSpot announced some big news. In the past, they already had a Content Management System (CMS) for quite some time, but it always lived in the shadow of Marketing Hub. Now CMS has its own product line: Hub CMS. But that’s not everything… They also announced some exciting new updates! Keep reading to know all the details about these features.


Two versions: CMS Hub Professional and CMS Hub Enterprise

First, Hub CMS exists in two versions: CMS Hub Professional and CMS Hub Enterprise. But what’s the difference between those versions? CMS Hub Professional is a CMS for fast-growing companies who are tired of CMS that require heavy maintenance and make it difficult for marketers to edit or manage website or landing pages. CMS Hub Enterprise is more for scaling organizations that want to build a powerful, next-level website.


CMS Hub Professional

With Hub CMS Professional, you can easily build and optimize website pages. Why’s that? You have access to flexible website themes, drag-and-drop editing, multi-language content, smart content and dynamic content with HubDB. Not impressed yet? Well, Hub CMS is an all-in-one tool that help you grow traffic and generate leads with CRM, SEO recommendations, Google Search Console, Conversations: live chat and bots, A/B testing and contract attribution reporting. All these features allow your marketers to take ownership of your website.


Flexible themes

You can start from scratch or use one of HubSpot’s pre-built themes as a starting point. Marketers can easily make changes to web based content without needing a developer for maintenance and without knowing CSS.


Drag-and-drop page editing

When you use this drag-and-drop editor, you can really focus on creating amazing content, instead of managing your content creation process. Developers can create a flexible content creation experience that allows marketeers to easily create pages through a drag and drop editing experience.


Backed by a CRM

Your CMS Hub comes with the HubSpot CRM! With this combination, you’re able to easily keep track of your site’s visitors engagement with your site. You can use this information to create personalized messaging. Keep track of your visitors from the first time they visit your page till they purchase and beyond.


CMS Hub Enterprise

HubSpot also added an Enterprise version, that lets you build interactive, personalized web-apps on your website. In the future, website personalization relies more on membership driven content and interactive experiences. Next to that, you have the opportunity to extend your brand: multiple brand domains, micro sites, multi-domain traffic and reporting. This CMS gives you all these possibilities.



You can create memberships based on content using HubSpot lists to allow specific customers to access a section of your website. With these memberships, you can create content for specific segments of your customer-base, or manage premium content channels. Each content of your HubSpot list gets a personalized password and login.


Serverless functions

You can add interactive elements to your HubSpot hosted content e.g. event registrations, guest books and dynamic calculators. Without the need to configure an external server, SSL certificate or data transfer process.


Content Partitioning

It’s possible to give access, with team permissions, to your team to only the content that is important to them. In this way, your team isn’t distracted by blogs owned by another team.


Activity Logging

With sharable activity logging, you are able to pinpoint exactly who on your team made a specific update at any given moment.



Do you have multiple business lines? Or do you require more than just one domain? Hub CMS Enterprise got you covered! You can manage and measure all of your website content in one HubSpot account across multiple domains.


During Inbound2020, HubSpot gave some useful insights about CMS Hub. They highlighted how it enables marketers to create powerful website without any technical skills. Hub CMS is nowadays more interesting for large companies and technical users, because HubSpot updated their security features. 

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