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Case-study : How Bru Textiles started using HubSpot Growth suite - including SAP S/4 HANA and Sitecore integrations

Bru is a Belgian company active worldwide, with the purpose of creating and selling interior furnishing fabrics. There, Elixir Solutions had the pleasure to implement the HubSpot Growth Suite to support the activities of the Marketing, Sales and After sales teams with the tools they needed. Since the end of 2018, we are collaborating to make this project come to life. When most of the HubSpot projects aren't that long, the particularities of this one are that it required the implementation of the three hubs as well as the integrations that it involves.

The project happened in four phases. In the first phase, we implemented the Marketing hub with a basic marketing onboarding. In the second phase, the integrations as well as the CRM were put in place. In the third one, we focused on implementing the sales hub.  And in a close future, we'll begin with the Service hub.

HubSpot Growth suite implementation project

Watch the project and account manager explain the project or stay put for the main elements:

HubSpot Video


Step 1 : Marketing

On the marketing side, Bru Textiles had the ambition to become a leader in marketing.  They also had plenty of ideas on how to develop their activities. However, they were slowed down by the fact that they did not have an adequate toolset. 

That's why we implemented the Marketing hub of HubSpot.  With the different tools, it covered the needs of the marketing team in this matter.

To overcome the marketing challenges, Elixir solutions conducted a guided basic onboarding on the Marketing side. 

Which such an advanced team, we simply made sure that everything they need was set up and that they would absorb the inbound way of working with HubSpot. The goal was to set up the team to be efficient as soon as possible. And that's what we did. In three months, the marketing team of Bru Textiles was totally independent.

On the integration side, the website of Bru Textiles was on Sitecore. Sitecore is a good CMS, however technically complex to work with. That's why we had to find solutions to make it work well with HubSpot. 


Long story short : 

  • Challenge : Set of tools not completely adapted to the needs of the marketing team.
  • Solution : One tool to manage all marketing activities.


Step 2 : Integration with SAP S/4 HANA

Bru Textiles is using an SAP system, which contained a lot of data. However, the information wasn't leveraged enough in Marketing and Sales activities. In order to solve that, we integrated their S/4 HANA system with HubSpot in Q4 of 2019. Thanks to our solution, ElixirSync, we were able to do it easily.

At this point, the challenges weren't technical. The first one was to retrieve the data. Indeed, it came not only from the SAP system, but also from diverse sources. For example, some pieces were located on different laptops. It was a matter of getting it and putting it together in the solution.

We encountered another challenge due to the upgrade of their SAP System. As those can take time, the project was delayed by 6 months. 


Long story short : 

  • Challenge : The data wasn't leveraged at its full potential.
  • Solution : Integration between SAP S/4 Hana and HubSpot.

Step 3 : Sales 

The issue on the sales side was that there wasn't enough visibility on the full sales cycle, from the first contact in marketing to the closed sales deals. They had previously implemented MS Dynamics CRM, but it wasn't used at its full potential. The sales hub was the perfect solution for them because of the user-friendliness.

Here, the main issue we encountered was related to change management. From our experience, in every project, this is a recurrent challenge. The goal was to make the team adopt the solution and actually use it. To achieve that, we showed them the best way to use the tool and we were particularly open and responsive to their feedback.

We made sure that the sales people were recording their activities, had the tools to communicate more efficiently with prospects and customers and that the management had a global view on the activities and results.


Long story short : 

  • Challenge : The full sales cycle wasn't visible enough.
  • Solution : Alignment of the activities of the teams, change management.

Step 4 : Service

On the Service side, they had already a good return system in SAP,  and a good commercial support. The goal here is to provide additional value both to the customers and to the entire flow. Indeed, the Service hub features enable, for example, to get the feedback from the customers to feed the marketing and sales activities. That's why we will deploy the Service Hub.

Here it is a matter of defining what should be handled in SAP and what part should be in HubSpot, and also to determine which content needs to be produced.


Long story short : 

  • Challenge : Having more tools to bring a higher value to the entire process.
  • Solution : Implementing the Service Hub.


Over the months of November and December 2019 and January 2020, Bru Textiles has seen better results thanks to their efforts and the solution implemented. On the marketing side, the number of sessions has increased by 39% and the number of contacts by 12% . On the sales side, the use of the tool has increased by 100%.

Download our customer case of Bru Textiles

Download our customer case


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