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Consider these data sources to optimize HubSpot campaigns!

Do you have access to all of the data that you need to optimize your campaigns in HubSpot? Do you know which products your contacts are interested in? Which ones they were close to purchase but didn't? What happens once you handed the contacts over to sales? There are so many examples of essential information that you could be missing. Don't worry, there are solutions out there! 


To run efficient campaigns, HubSpot offers you a good basis of information that you can use in multiple ways :

  • segment your contacts,
  • personalize your communication,
  • report easily to improve the next campaigns
  • ...

On top of those standard data sources, integrations help you synchronize data between different systems. This means that you can access this data to optimize your campaigns as well. 

HubSpot has plenty of certified integrations and there are also other tools that help you integrate even more tools with HubSpot: mail services, social media, video platforms, CRMs... 

Learn about 3 lesser known solutions to improve and optimize HubSpot campaigns at your company.


Your e-commerce platform

Ecommerce websites have very unique insights. You learn, of course, what a customer has purchased...and also what he hasn't! Abandoned Carts, the total amount he has spent, and many more data. What if you could add all these in HubSpot workflows? Send a personalized mail to your most loyal customers, convince the most indecisive visitors, or send sales mails with HubSpot templates? If you're a PrestaShop user, this is already possible thanks to ElixirSync.
Click here to learn all about it: 

Integrate HubSpot and PrestaShop

Your ERP system/database

All marketeers get asked the same questions: How many sales did your campaign generate? What's the ROI?  Marketeers send messages and communicate heavily, but how can you properly calculate results without linking HubSpot deals to the external platform where all further operations occur? The answer is an integration with your ERP. With Elixir Solutions, we already support top vendors like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.
Everything is possible, so contact us for more information about the possibilities:


Geographical info from your contacts 

HubSpot is quite an advanced tool. However, you sometimes need to take a step back and visualize the results of your previous campaigns. Where are leads coming from, where are your campaigns the most successful? Based on the lists you created (for example with the PrestaShop plugin), how can you further optimize your local campaigns? Within a few clicks, our HubSpot/Google Maps portal allows you to perform all these tasks. Subscribe here to get started:

Integrate Google Maps to your HubSpot portal!

About Elixir Solutions

Active since 2013, Elixir Solutions is specialized in CRM Implementations and Marketing Automation integrations.   Our solution, ElixirSync, connects Marketing tools (HubSpot, Marketo Act-On, …) with SAP solutions (C4C, SAP ByD, among others), Oracle, Zoho, Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Showpad, SFDC,... out of the box, and with mobile apps or custom CRM solutions as well.  

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