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Elixir Solutions is now part of Startit@kbc

Elixir Solutions is proud to announce that it has been accepted to startit@kbc, a Belgian startup incubator.


For Elixir solutions this is an important milestone.  It will prepare the company for future growth and puts it in the spotlight for potential customers, future employees, and ambitious investors. .  And it’s also a recognition that we’re on the right track!


Off course our customers will benefit from this with continued innovation, and an even bigger focus on what we’re good at: CRM, marketing automation and integrations, customer journey alignment, with a focus on enterprise and mid-market ecosystems like SAP, Oracle, HubSpot and the like.




Interested in the problems we solve, then have a look at our promo video here:

General promo video

SAP C4C to Hubspot API integration 

About Startit@kbc

Start it @kbc (www.startit.be) is an early stage incubator whose mission is to support and promote fledgling entrepreneurship in Belgium. Since November 2013, an ever-increasing number of innovative start-ups with a scalable idea have found their way to start it @ KBC. The incubator now has permanent premises in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven, Brussels, and Kortrijk.




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