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Formstack Forms, documents and sign and their integrations with HubSpot

After becoming partner of Formstack Forms, we have the pleasure to announce that we are now Full stack partners!

The strength of the suite is that you can either use it very simply, by using predefined templates and basic features, but it also gives you the ability to go deeper in the features to adapt to your specific requirements. It's also very easy to use with other tools, as it has multiple integration options. In this blog post, we'll go into the details of the three tools offered by Formstack: forms, documents, sign.

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Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents enables you to create document templates that would be completed with merged information and generate a file from it. For example, if you need to create a sales quote to be sent in a pdf to your client, you could create one template for quotes, pull the information out of HubSpot, generate a document and send it to the client.

Elixir's favorites:

  • The extent of possibilities in the creation of layout. You can really brand it.
  • The conditional logic. Depending on the informations that you get, you can make some parts of the document appear. Let's say that you have a field that have multiple answers, depending on which a paragraph should appear in the quote. Well, you can do that thanks to conditional logic.
  • The integration with HubSpot enables you to take the information out of the CRM to fill a document template. The document can then be sent out to you or the customer.

Formstack Sign

Formstack Sign is the solution for e-signature. Need a document signed? Upload it to Formstack Sign, set up the participants and the parts that they need to sign. Then send it for them to complete.

Elixir's favorite:

  • The connection with Formstack Documents. Indeed, it is possible to create a document template and to automate the sending of the document for e-signature when the information arrives in Formstack Documents. It is very useful for all of the official documents.

Formstack Forms

We've already published a blog post with the features of Formstack forms and the integration with HubSpot. Basically, it is a form tool very powerful, that enables much more than the forms of HubSpot, if it is needed.

Elixir's favorites :

  • Again the integration with HubSpot. It can be a good complement if your business has specific needs, such as a multistep form, certain specific fields ...
  • The workflows. Those enable to implicate multiple persons in the completion of one form and can be helpful in may situations, including validation processes.
  • The fact that the forms can be completed offline. Once connected to the internet, the data is synced.

Sign up for a free trial here !

A powerful suite of tools, complementary and easy to use with HubSpot

Formstack's documents, sign and forms are very good tools used alone, but they are brought to the next level with their integrations with one another and with HubSpot. If you feel a bit limited in the three areas in your use with HubSpot, we recommend that you consider using Formstack.



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