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How can your company communicate in the coronavirus context?

Since a few months now, the Coronavirus has spread over the world. According to the country, the realization that it would impact largely our lives has only begun to be obvious a few weeks ago. And since then, that's all news, populations and businesses talk about. We're all trying to find our way to adapt to the situation. Including in the way we communicate to the world about it.

Why is it important?

It's important to take the actuality of your audience into account, because that's what they are interested in learning about. The rest will probably not resonate the same way as it usually does.

One way to detect the interest of your audience is to take a look at the Google Trends website. In March 2020, with the actuality of the expansion of the Coronavirus and its impacts on our lives, it is a topic that is very trendy.

Image 20-03-20 à 14.27

The most interesting topics are already sorted and presented to you. It is a way for you to get a sense on the population globally. For example here:

Image 20-03-20 à 15.35

To help you find ways to communicate about it, I've been listing ways that companies react to the situation and talk about it. It's always useful to see what the others do to help us position ourselves.

How to do it?

You might think that talking about it is a way to take advantage of the situation, and consider not communicating on this. However, the rest of the world is looking for answers and everyone is impacted in some ways. Asking yourself what you want to bring to the table is a good starting point. And communicating around it should be placed under the star of help. Bring helpful insights. Be there for your audience. Don't take advantage of it. This is where a good communication must stand.

What are the others doing and what ideas can you get from it?

B2B: Helping other companies

Over the last few days, we've seen a lot of people posting tips for companies to help them organise their businesses in a home working environment. Those kinds of tips are very helpful for entreprises that aren't used to work like that and have to do it in order to keep running.

How can you implement this? Talk about your experience. Are you doing something that might not be obvious for everyone? Share it.

Free offer / discount for their products

Some are offering a discount on their services. This is a way to support the economy and the entreprises that will see/are already seeing a decrease in their results. For example, Sortlist has been offering to not take any commission on 2020, supporting the economy and helping marketing agencies to go through the period.

How can you implement this? Determine if you can give something for free or a discount on your price that would be helping companies or customers, in your industry.

Helping solve the situation

Some companies are doing efforts to help solve the situation. For example, a lot of entreprises, like Leclerc Démolition, in Ifs, France, have been giving masks to the health sector. This is a gesture of help that is tied directly to the health issue.

How can you implement this? If your business is in a health related sector OR if you have supplies or skills that can be helpful, making them disposable to those who are fighting the virus is a good way to help.

Cheering the health workers

On the 20th March, Domino's pizza in the UK has been offering free pizzas to the health workers. This was a way to cheer them and giving them courage to take care of the sick.

How can you implement this? Is your business doing anything that might brighten the days of the health workers? Then it might be a cool gesture to apply it. It is also a way to communicate your support to them.


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