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How to start using videos in your Sales process


Before starting answering how to start using videos, it is important to undertand why you would do this. What's interesting to know is that emails with videos have 3 times the response rate of a text-based email and result 5 times more in a meeting booked. Videos have also a big impact in the purchase process and it enables sales rep to build a human and personal relationship with the prospects.

From this, all businesses can benefit. That's why we recommend to try it and have prepared for you some special cases in which it is specifically interesting to use videos, a plan of steps to put in place to begin with it as well as some suggestions of tools for the HubSpot users.

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Why begin to start using videos (on top of the mentioned benefits)

You don't need to be in urgence to start doing videos.. But I know that it is sometimes difficult to imagine the cases in which you could start with videos. That's the reason why I listed some cases where you could implement videos to fill in a gap:

  •  If you're an international company, and want to keep a human touch to your sales process. Showing your face in a video, personalizing it to the prospect, is a great way to do sales on a long distance.
  • If you feel a pain in your current process. It can be that there is a difficulty for the prospect to understand what the product would be like (in which case you could do a demo or a product video), or it might be that they are in need of social proof (in which case you could provide them with a video of your customers showing how they use it)...
  • If you are in a position where you can't visit your prospects. It can be that you usually do onsite visits to you prospects but you are stuck at home : strikes of public transportations, watching the kids... In this case, you could continue to develop your personal relationship with the prospect by doing video call or to send Tham a video with updates, or to take some news.
  • You also might be turning from outside to inside sales for various reasons. In this case, videos can be of a great help. Indeed, it helps you build personal relationships, increases your impact and show things that pictures and words can't.
  • You have an ecommerce website, where you don't have a personal contact with your customers, but still wants to personalize and humanize the way you interact in the purchase decision. In this case, product videos, demos, videos explaining why buy from your business... are great videos to produce and put on your website and emails.

How to start with videos

In order to start with videos, it is important to have a structured approach and to prepare well your strategy. Here are the different steps that you should follow :

  • Defining your goal. You might not need to feel a pain to begin with videos, but you still need to have a goal to pursue. This will help guide your strategy.
  • For these goals, define in which steps you would need to create videos.
  • Determine which type of video you will produce : generic videos, on the spot videos, product, demos, social proof videos...
  • Choose your tool. There are plenty of tools that exist, you might want to focus on the ones that enable you to do what you want.
  • Get started!
  • Implementing a new strategy requires to set up goals and watch over the results. In one word: analyse. This will help you set the areas of improvement.

Videos in HubSpot

For the HubSpot users, there are very easy ways to use videos.

  •  First, HubSpot, in collaboration with Vidyard, has set up a way for you to create videos very easily. You can either download a video that you've edited or record one within HubSpot (camera or screen recording) and send it in your one-to-one emails.
  •  Second, there is a Vidyard integration, which is a paid integration but gives you access to plenty of other features such as tracking of the email in HubSpot, the ability to add subtitles...


Convinced yet? Videos are a great opportunity to support your sales. It has many benefits, are a content that people love to consume and that you shouldn't miss on.


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