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Watch how to display HubSpot leads on a map & improve your campaigns


Hundreds of HubSpotters are already using our ElixirSync Google Maps visualisation. 
Thanks to their support,  enthusiasm and great ideas, it is now even better!
Want to see it at work?
In a series of short videos, learn in less than 5 minutes how you can also add your HubSpot contacts on a map. Using this unique visual tool, create new lists and steer both your sales and marketing campaigns. To register, click on the button at the end of this article.

Step 1: Register to the map

Step 2: Get to know the interface

Step 3: Change the localisation of contacts

Step 4: Choose Lists


Step 5: Change Pin Properties


Step 6: Use case for Sales

Step 7: Use case for Marketeers

What are you waiting for?
Click here to get started and register your portal:
Integrate Google Maps to your HubSpot portal!

Use this tool, and many others to turn your department into a sales and marketing machine!

Any remarks and suggestions? 
Send a mail to portal.admin@elixir-solutions.be or fill in our survey on this link: 

Happy HubSpotting!



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