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How to leverage HubSpot Integrations to boost data-driven campaigns


HubSpot is a powerful tool when it comes to converting leads and attract customers using inbound methods.  But to take marketing campaigns to the next level, a HubSpot Integration with your CRM is essential to avoid data silos and fully take advantage of all data you have at your disposal.
Though HubSpot does provide some analytics, truly efficient data-driven marketing requires taking advantage of information from all sources.

When an integration is needed

In practice, sales processes rely on complex rules that can't always be fully mapped within HubSpot. For our Paris-based customer, CAST Software, Elixir Solutions did not limit itself to a simple integration of contacts and companies.  

In fact, the vision of the client was to use the data from their CRM as to provide more insights into customer behaviour by calculating the number of visits and calculate lead interest, fetching transactional data to define customer profile, or even utilizing geographical information. As they work with large enterprise customers,  clients might be part of a different international sub-entity and are therefore assigned to dedicated sales representatives.  So, in order to run even more relevant and tailored data-driven marketing campaigns, mechanisms were set in place as to feed the HubSpot system with valuable information (not only data!) from the CRM system.

The data-driven marketing was possible

With a full data-driven approach and a tight integration, more valuable information from the CRM can be leveraged. And in the end, this allows for better segmented list and workflows that leads to more efficient marketing and positively impacts sales performance.


The benefits of the solution

In conclusion, a comprehensive integration is necessary to align your customer journeys.  With ElixirSync, Elixir Solutions provides HubSpot Integrations with many CRM solutions and allows both to communicate as a symbiotic system with:

  • Full customer journey alignment
  • Bilateral sync of HubSpot contacts, companies and deals
  • Filtering and defaulting of data, and unlimited custom fields 
  • Advanced customizations if needed
  • Advanced API management, ensuring HubSpot API usage is optimized
  • End user portal providing visibility on sync statistics, sync errors and payload information


Download a customer case that shows how we improved the marketing ROI for one of our customers.

Download Customer Case

About CAST

CAST is an independent software vendor, a pioneer and world leader in Software Analysis and Measurement (SAM). With more than $120 million cumulative investment in R&D, CAST provides the most advanced technology in the world to capture and quantify the reliability, security, complexity and size of business applications. 



Complex integration project

When we started our marketing automation migration project from a former platform to HubSpot, we had to deal with the complexity of integrating it with an internally developed CRM while keeping the level of customization we had. We interviewed several service providers WW, but Elixir was the only one able to support us in this extremely complex integration project. They provided us with very sharp expertise that enabled us to successfully complete the project.

Sonia Molimard, CAST



About Elixir Solutions

Elixir Solutions is specialised in Marketing Automation integrations
Our solution, ElixirSync, connects Marketing tools (HubSpot, Act-On, Showpad …) with SAP solutions (C4C, SAP ByD, amongst others) Oracle, Zoho, Bullhorn, MS CRM, SFDC,... out of the box, and with mobile apps or custom CRM solutions as well.  


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