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[Infographic] In 2021, I'll enable my teams to align more

Many companies are still struggling to align the marketing and sales departments. Even if they have already adopted new customer journeys. Why? The sales department is working on their CRM system, while the marketing department is using a marketing automation tool, without any integration.

API integration

When you want an alignment between your marketing and sales departments, an IT angle has to be included. We’re talking about a good API integration that should contain at least an integration of master data like leads, contacts and customers. 

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Data data data

It should be obvious that data is the heart of a marketing and sales alignment! HubSpot Growth Suite helps you enable to align your marketing and sales teams even more. With HubSpot GS, you have an all-in-one platform for your teams (CRM with integrations are possible!). With this shared data, you can grow better as a company. 


Find out why you should align your marketing and sales departments in one overview. At the end, we summed up some smarketing tips and tricks

Resolution 2_ Ill enable my team to align more


See you next Wednesday for our next resolution!


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