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How this US company succeeded in their SAP C4C and HubSpot Integration

SAP C4C Hubspot integration
After establishing its position in the European market for HubSpot Integrations to SAP, Oracle and many other systems, Elixir Solutions is proud to also set its footprint in North America with a successful go-live for US-based telecom company JMA Wireless.

JMA Wireless, a  company based in the state of New York, is the leading innovator in telecommunications, solving connectivity needs for the healthcare, transport and manufacturing industries, among many others. As such, their SAP C4C is a resourceful system that was already connected to a SAP ERP backend. So for this integration, not only did we have to leverage this data for optimized marketing campaigns in HubSpot. We also had to demonstrate that the ElixirSync platform  accommodates for strict data governance rules. Some examples include:

  • Duplicate check on the data sent to SAP;
  • Strong rules for creating contacts and companies in SAP;
  • A back office process was put in place in order to manage the newly created leads in SAP;
  • Feedback into HubSpot after a successful contact creation in SAP;
  • For companies and contacts sent from SAP to HubSpot, we ensure the employee responsible corresponds to the HubSpot owner on the contact.

ElixirSync allows for tight and complex HubSpot Integrations with SAP C4C , or to any other system (SAP ByD, Axum, Bullhorn, Oracle CRM, Salesforce.com, MS CRM, custom build solutions,...).

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