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Case Study: Better Marketing ROI reporting for Simac with a HubSpot-SAP integration

SAP is a leader in enterprise solutions. But HubSpot, being a pioneer in inbound marketing, clearly has the upper hand when competing with SAP in the area of Marketing Automation.  So more and more midsize to large companies running on SAP are moving away from SAP for their marketing automation needs.  However, an integration with SAP is still required for that kind of companies, as to avoid data silo's and fully reap the benefits of working with HubSpot.

In this blog, learn how ElixirSync handles contacts, companies, leads, opportunities/deals, campaigns and other elements amongst these two systems. Simac is leveraging the strength of those two leading technologies, in order to boost both sales and marketing efficiency.

This blog is submitted as an entry to HubSpot's Impact Award 2017. We hope this story inspires agencies all around the world to push boundaries of marketing automation! 



Simac is a purely Dutch family company, active in Benelux and Central Europe. On the basis of high-quality technology, they provide medium and large organisations with products and services that are always aimed at improving business processes. Simac employs a total of 1250 people and is made up of holding companies – the Simac companies – with a wide range of solutions, products and services in many different segments.

The sales department is using SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer as their CRM system.  The marketing department uses HubSpot to  attract new prospects using the Inbound methodology.  ElixirSync provides the handshake between those 2 departments.


Before ElixirSync was put in place, Simac struggled with the following issues:
  • Leads not properly followed up:  Marketing Qualified Leads were not given to the sales representatives in a timely matter.  And if done,  interaction data from HubSpot was missing.
  • Pulling data out of SAP was a challenge:  Since Simac already exists for many decades, they have a large customer base.  Some of these customers are not active anymore, or not worth pursuing.  Getting the right customers and contacts out of SAP into HubSpot was a challenge, because the manual  process was error prone and very time consuming.
  • Incomplete reports: Because of data silos of having SAP and HubSpot unlinked, analytics of performance are not relevant and do not show the full picture.  Likewise, ROI calculation of Marketing campaigns in HubSpot does² not reflect opportunities followed up in SAP C4C.

As SAP is known to be a  big and  complex system, finding the right solution to make the integration was a challenge on its own, until they turned to Elixir Solutions, and learned we specialize in exactly these kind of solutions.


  • Synchronization of HubSpot contacts into C4C leads:  Leads are sent from HubSpot to SAP.  This happens when a number of criteria are met.   Along with this, the campaign triggering the conversion is added to the lead in SAP.  Once the sales rep handles the lead, lead lifecycle data is sent back to HubSpot as well.  When converted into an opportunity, SAP will automatically create an account and contact for the lead.  From this moment onward, ElixirSync will sync the HubSpot contact with the account and contact, and not anymore with the lead.
  • Advances data governance rules:  Since the SAP master data can be used in many different business processes, changing them from an outside system is often not acceptable.  This is definitely the case for account (company) master data.  Therefore, ElixirSync has business rules in place to avoid that account SAP accounts  are changed unexpectedly.
  • Campaign integration: Campaigns are added to the lead. This ensures campaign ROI can be calculated.  If the campaign does not yet exist in SAP, it is created in SAP  by ElixirSync and added to the lead afterwards
  • Opportunity synchronization:  Information concerning open, won or lost deals are of great importance to having well targeted campaigns and accurate reporting on the of certain campaigns and touch points.  Therefore, we have integrated SAP opportunities with HubSpot deals.


Better reporting

  • Pipeline reporting and ROI calculation for campaigns: Display of HubSpot interaction data in the CRM system: more truthful reports.  Dashboards are used for example for measuring of campaign success, internal communication and individual reporting of sales rep performance.
  • Key metrics: more advances KPI calculation is now possible, based on integrated data allows for better decision making on management level.

Customer journey alignment

  • Interaction data now appears automatically in SAP based on a mashup screen, so the sales reps know exactly what web pages the contact has visited, which content has been downloaded and so on.
  • Possibility to nurture SAP prospects until they are sales ready.  Until this moment, they stay in HubSpot for nurturing purposes.  Also, existing customers are being nurtured, depending on whether or not they have outstanding deals.

More targeted sales process

  • By making the sales department more informed about leads and prospects, better sales discussions and negotiations are possible, leading to a positive impact on sales success.


"With ElixirSync we are able to integrate our customers journey across platforms. This standard solution, with custom adaptations on top, was delivered in a very short time frame. Their SAP C4C and HubSpot Integration expertise surely helped a lot."

Dick van Engelen, Manager Sales Backoffice, Simac

Since integrating HubSpot and SAP, HubSpot's leads are better followed upon. Revenue generated per lead is growing for each campaign since ElixirSync was implemented (at the beginning of 2016).

Here you can download the pdf version of this customer case:
Download Customer Case


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